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Asana 2021 Review

Asana gives you everything you need to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach your goals. You can map out each step and organize all the details of your work in one place. You can bring emails, files, tickets, and more into Asana with over 100 integrations to choose from, so you can see everything in one place. Voted #1 in project management software.


  • Build project plans, coordinate tasks, and hit deadlines.
  • Visualize work flow however you want.
  • Native integrations with tools like Slack, Jira, Adobe Creative Cloud and many more.


  • Free version available to collaborate with up to 15 teammates.
  • Paid versions starting from $10.99 per user per month.

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Asana Reviews

Find out what each expert had to say about Asana.

Sandip Sekhon

Founder - Pathways Pain Relief

✓ Asana
Our favorite project management tool is Asana. We have a team of 6 working on our app at the moment, and before Asana we were managing tasks through Google Sheets. This was ineffective – we found that we kept missing things and it was hard keeping the whole team in the loop. Asana has helped to change that. I found that compared to other project management tools, Asana was easier to navigate and work with without having to spend ages getting familiar with the UI.

Anh Trinh

Managing Editor - GeekWithLaptop

✓ Asana
To ensure that all of my writers are doing their jobs, I use Asana to monitor their outputs. Asana allows me to assign each article to a writer and track if they’ve finished it or not. It also allows people to comment on assigned tasks making it easier to give constructive feedback or answer questions.

Tom Mumford

Co-Founder - Undergrads LLC

✓ Asana
Asana is a project management tool that makes collaborations and communication easier for the entire team. This tool helps leaders delegate tasks and prioritize projects.

Additionally, this gives team members visibility into the current status of each project.

Ultimately, adding Asana as a project management tool will increase team productivity.

Some of the features that make Asana a unique project management tool include:
– A customizable dashboard and activity feeds
– Ability to tag other team members and add comments
– Sends notifications and reminders
– Includes a ‘subtask’ feature
– Project segmentation and prioritization

Lauren Taylar

Owner - Taylar Digital LLC

✓ Asana
I recommend Asana, a free project management tool. I use this program every day in my business not just for organizing my daily to-do list, but also to manage my team and client projects.

You can create teams, projects, tasks, and subtasks. You can easily assign a task to a person, add a due date and change the settings to be recurring. Files are easily stored inside each project, and you can save time by creating templates for workflows in your business.

It’s so much more convenient than sending important notes through email that just get lost over time. However, the most convenient feature is that you receive emails when someone leaves a comment in a task, and your direct email reply will autopopulate inside the Asana task.

It keeps me organized, saves me time, and increases my productivity.

Gaurav Jain

Co-Founder - MageComp LLP

✓ Asana
– The Best Thing of Asana is its UI. The best solution for the agencies who work for mid-size projects.
Features Tasks, due dates, assignments, teamwork, and even project progress charts, reports. You can use lot of available add-ons to enhance the functionality of default Asana.
Pricing Starts from: free – $0 for teams of up to 15 people,
$12.11 per member per month – with no member limits, and no limits at all for that matter.
Pro and Cons:
– Very easy to learn and understand how it works with nice and intuitive UI.
– It may not work for very large and complex projects and for too small projects.

Shannon DeJong

Founder/CEO - House Of Who

✓ Asana
We have found that while Asana has its limitations, it gets the job done and integrates well with Slack. #1 important need for a project management tool is that people will actually use it – otherwise it’s pointless. This means it must be intuitive (not overly complicated, each to assign and check things off, etc).

Krista Neher

CEO - Boot Camp Digital

✓ Asana
This is an easy way to track tasks, share comments and organize a team where many people input into multiple projects. It is very easy to use and has a free trial.

Laura Handrick

Writer - Choosing Therapy

✓ Asana
I also use Asana with one client. I like how it offers multiple project views and provides security so that each department can have its own projects. It’s also easy to assign tasks to team members. It takes a bit longer to master Asana than Trello, but seasoned project managers may prefer it’s more traditional features like Gantt and Pert charts.

Manny Hernandez

Founder/CEO - OMNI, INC

✓ Asana
Asana is a work management tool designed to help teams know who’s doing what by when. Using the web or mobile apps, teams can communicate, collaborate, and organize all of their work. It combines elements of project management, file storage, and collaboration and helps to manage projects across a team without email. I like asana as is its free for a small team, we can assign task to a team and they will get the notification. Once a task is completed I can get reports and all.

Luka Arezina

Co-founder - DataProt

✓ Asana
Asana is a fantastic project management and collaboration tool that enables teams to streamline work and track tasks from their creation to completion. Asana offers plenty of project templates that can help organizations jump-start their project tracking and planning process more efficiently. Templates cover a wide range of business applications, from marketing to product design. Further, this tool allows organizations to break bigger, more challenging tasks into small, manageable chunks and assign them to different team members. Asana is useful for both remote and in-house employees who struggle with the workload and want to obtain a more organized workday. However, what I think Asana lacks is a built-in chat option that would enable team members to discuss project-related things within the app.

Asana is extremely affordable, and it’s even cheap for teams of up to 15 users. Further, it lacks time-tracking features and advanced project timelines, which can be essential when it comes to billing and sticking to schedules. Even though Asana lacks some features we could find useful (live chat, for instance), it’s well integrated with other apps that can quickly solve this problem. For example, Asana works perfectly with Slack, which enables teams to discuss project-related things, or with Harvest, which can successfully track time spent on specific projects.

Asana FAQ

What is Asana?

Asana is a team collaboration tool that helps you organize your projects.

Is Asana any good?

Our experts picked Asana as the #1 tool for project management.

Is Asana free to use?

Asana has a free version available for small teams to use.

What are the best features of Asana?

Visualization of project workflow. Easy integrations with other 3rd party tools.