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Buffer 2021 Review

Buffer let’s you plan, collaborate, and publish content that drives meaningful engagement and growth for your brand. You can also measure your performance, create reports, and get insights. Voted #3 in social media management software.


  • Plan, collaborate, and publish social media content across multiple networks.
  • Analyze social media performance.
  • Collaborate on content with your team.


  • Free 14-day trial.
  • Paid packages start from US$15 per month.

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Buffer Reviews

Find out what each expert had to say about Buffer.

Andrei Vasilescu

Digital Marketing Specialist - DontPayFull

✓ Sprout Social
Sprout Social is a comprehensive and all-in-one social media management tool. This tool is made for understanding and reaching the audience, engaging the audience and measuring the overall performance of your social media contents. It empowers the users to easily control the content quality and posting schedule. Its amazing analytic features offer trend analysis, productivity management and versatile analytical reports in order to measure and control social media marketing efforts. The plans of Sprout Specialstart at $99 per user per month.

✓ Buffer
Buffer is considered to be a multipurpose social media management tool in the trade. This tool is a specialist for content scheduling across the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. with this tool, you can create, repurpose and schedule the contents according to different social platforms. Its multi-functional analytics dashboard allows tracking the performance of your social contents in real-time. You can customize your contents in any way you want with Buffer. Buffer’s plans come at$15, $65 and $99 per month along with its free version.

Esther Meyer

Marketing Manager - Grooms Shop

In order to be an effective marketing manager I social media tools in order to stay on top of all your social media marketing tasks, to find clients and market our products and services. Below are some of the social media tools I use for our business.

✓ Hootsuite
Hootsuite is among the most popular social media management platforms, offering an overview of all your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram along with the option to create and schedule content, analyze performance, and monitor your favorite topics and hashtags. There’s a good reason for the social media platform’s success. It’s an all-in-one platform that allows you to curate and schedule content, measure your social return of investment and run social media ads

✓ Sendible
Sendible is a powerful social media management dashboard, blending content creation, scheduling, and analysis of social accounts, also offering brand and reputation monitoring. Sendible also allows you to customize your dashboard according to your branding to attract new clients

✓ Buffer
Buffer is another popular option for social media management, focusing on content creation and scheduling, with a user interface that makes the process easier and faster. It also offers powerful analytics for content scheduled through the platform, analyzing engagement, reach, the clicks on each post, and also the performance of your profiles at set or custom periods of time.

Umarah Hussain

PR & Outreach Executive - Colewood

Our main two tools that are used every day are Hootsuite and Buffer due to how versatile they are.

✓ Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a massive social media management tool used by millions of companies across the globe. Here at Colewood we use it to monitor an array of keywords and schedule social media posts out-of-office hours. The tool works great with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and WordPress.

✓ Buffer
On the other hand, we utilise Buffer as it offers you features in which you can Reply to social inboxes. We love Buffer due to how clean and intuitive it is. It allows to keep posts in refined order, giving our social media and content team the collaboration skills to work together efficiently.

Aliza Sherman

Digital Marketing Strategist - Spark the Creative

✓ Buffer
I can manage messaging going out to multiple accounts including more than one Twitter account, LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn pages and also easily add posts and articles to a queue to publish over time. NOTE: I don’t use Buffer for Facebook or Instagram.

✓ Planoly
I’m able to not only prepare and schedule posts with graphics and text for Instagram using this tool, but I can drag and drop posts around to find the right placement to create a better aesthetic for each Instagram account I manage.

✓ Hootsuite
I tend to use Hootsuite more as a listening post although it also has post creation and scheduling features and the ability to manage multiple accounts with your team.

✓ Sprout Social
For more robust client social media management needs, I manage post creation, scheduling, monitoring and social conversations using this tool. It’s more of a Swiss Army Knife for social media management.

John Rampton

Founder and CEO - Calendar

✓ Buffer
Buffer has so many benefits. It has so many benefits, such as the content inbox tool that pulls content directly from the site you want to share to. Buffer also allows you to schedule things out to multiple social media outlets for weeks and even months into the future.

My next favorite benefit is the analytics tool, which shows the past content that has been shared via Buffer and shows statistics on how well or not so well it performed. Another really helpful tool in Buffer is the Re-Buffer tool. This allows for you to re-share something you’ve posted in the past.

Aside from all of these helpful tools, I think my absolute favorite would be the Buffer Extension. You can add an extension to your internet browser and share content from any site straight to Buffer. Altogether, I would highly recommend Buffer to anyone who would like to automate social media sharing.

Manny Hernandez

Founder/CEO - OMNI, INC

✓ Buffer
Buffer is one social media management tool that has been around for quite some time, and they are a respectable platform that allows you to manage multiple social profiles with ease.

Some of the features that thrills me about Buffer is the ability to easily schedule content while browsing the web with their Chrome extensions. Buffer also suggests the perfect moments to post based on follower activity which is pretty awesome.

Jennifer Johnson

Communications & Public Relations Consultant - JenTimeCity Consulting

✓ Buffer
Buffer allows me to connect directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts and then schedule posts as far into the future as I need to. I can post to multiple platforms at once, cutting my work time in half. Social media isn’t just the wave of the future–it’s now necessary for all reputable businesses and professionals to have an active social media presence. But small business owners and entrepreneurs simply don’t have time for it.

Buffer allows me to provide this valuable service to my clients, and I use it for my own social media, as well. Plus, it’s affordable for professionals like me.

Kenny Trinh

CEO - Netbooknews

Among the most social media popular management tools are:

✓ Hootsuite
Hootsuite is an easy-to-use social media manager. Users are given access to a single dashboard with the most popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can manage and schedule your posts, receive important updates, follow people, share posts, and more. Hootsuite helps you reach all your social feeds at the same time, regardless of your location.

✓ Buffer
Buffer offers a plan through which you can craft and schedule posts for all social media networks. Just like Hootsuite, it supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram, a platform that has proved tricky to integrate in the past. Buffer’s dashboard differs from Hootsuite in that it shows only the timeline of your posts, without facilitating further interaction with the above platforms.

✓ CoSchedule
CoSchedule is a complex system that manages team tasks and projects and offers social media management tools as well. Like the previous tools, CoSchedule’s platform enables users to create a timely content map. As a bonus, you can build a holistic social campaign for your brand using its tools.

✓ Cincopa
Last but not least is Cincopa, a multimedia hosting platform with a variety of marketing tools. Cincopa enables you to host all sorts of media assets online: Videos, images, audios, presentations, and documents. It makes it easy to share and integrate your media content with a variety of platforms using social buttons, or by copying a direct URL. Additionally, you can track video interaction on social platforms using built-in video analytics.

Stacy Caprio

Founder - Growth Marketing

✓ Buffer
One social media tool I use to boost engagement is the platform Buffer which has allowed me to post at one time to schedule social posts across multiple platforms that go live at future times. It is a huge timesaver and allows for posts to go across all of social without much effort to boost engagement and views.

Shagun Chauhan

Business Consultant - iFour Technolab Pvt Ltd

Those days have gone when the door to door marketing used to make you gain your audience’s attention. Due to an increase in the number of social media users, you need to use more than one social media platform to grow your business. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are the household terms today and majorly used by the users.

Hence these free platforms provide you wide opportunity to spread your brands and converts the user and visitors to your customers but to market, your brand to all the social media platform you will be requiring few social media tools.

Even to compete to an extra edge against your competitors you should use some social medial tools to promote your business. Here’s a list of social media tools that will boost your business.

✓ UnboxSocial
– To grow effectively, one should analyze the performance. The same goes for social media.
– It is an asocial media analytical tool that gives you an in-depth analysis of your all social media handles. It is easy to use and can track various metrics to measure performance. It bifurcates the audiences, stories, and posts.
– It helps to generate social media reports for your activities performed on several social media platforms.
– 2020 is a time of Instagram stories as a form of content. This platform offer insight into the stories as well. Engagement rates, views, likes and replies to stories are on an average recorded by this tool. It has the Newsfeed to know about your industries.

✓ Buffer Reply
– BufferReply is a tool to drive a campaign by involving several other social media platforms. For Driving Traction, Buffer reply is highly used.
– The key feature in this tool is to manage the conversations happening in social media inboxes through one platform.
– You can engage with your audience through this platform very smoothly. You will receive a complete overview of the conversations with customers.
– It offers a feature called Analyze which helps you to track performance through stats and facts on your SMM and get relevant insights.

✓ Hootsuite
– Hootsuite is a multifaceted social media tool to drive a campaign and promote business. It covers all social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
– Automated scheduling tool to maintain your social media presence. It helps you to schedule your posts into the content calendar and reminds you when to post the content.
– It also offers a feature for Team Management which makes teamwork a smooth process. In addition to that, it protects your brand from social media risks.

As you can see, the social media tools market is much more diverse than someone would think, offering various solutions that differ in their functionality and price ranges. I hope this article will help you define what you need and choose the best tool for your business.

Buffer FAQ

What is Buffer?

Buffer is a social media management tool to manage multiple social accounts.

Is Buffer any good?

Our experts voted for Buffer as the #3 social media management tool.

Is Buffer free to use?

Buffer offers a free 14-day trial.

What are the best features of Buffer?

Social media post scheduling and posting. Performance tracking. Team collaboration.