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Camtasia 2024 Review

Camtasia is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor. It allows you to record your screen, add video effects, transitions and more. The software available on Windows and Mac. Voted #2 in video editing software.


  • Record anything on your computer screen.
  • Add effects: use pre-built video templates, drag-and-drop text, transitions, effects and more.
  • Instantly upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast etc.


  • Free 30-day trial.
  • Licenses start at US$249 (one-off).

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Camtasia Reviews

Find out what each expert had to say about Camtasia.

John Donnachie

Director - ClydeBank Media
✓ CamtasiaWe have gotten great results and a lot of digital mileage out of Camtasia’s video editing software. It won’t do some of the fancy stuff that After Effects will do but it is a solid, easy to use workhorse. Adding captions, adding soundtracks, splicing, editing, and more is all pretty easy to handle, even if you aren’t sure what you are doing at first.If you don’t have an abundance of video editing skill or don’t have the time to learn, Camtasia is a great choice that doesn’t have too much of a learning curve. Instead of a monthly pricing model, the producers of Camtasia use a one-time fee model which saves you money in the long run but it can cause quite a bit of sticker shock if you aren’t prepared for it.

Adam J. Ouellette, Esq.

Author, Trainer and Consultant - Adamo Group, Llc

I was a real estate attorney for 20 years and now do online training and record video every day. My work has me recording video training for Florida real estate agents, small businesses, and attorneys/law firms. I have used a lot of different software for editing, including

✓ Camtasia
The absolute best I have found is Camtasia by Techsmith, and their new 2020 version is fantastic. The latest version has templates for rapid editing using your intro clips, as well as lots of intros and outros ready to be customized for your videos. Camtasia is all anyone might need to do all kinds of video editing for business or personal life.

John Donnachie

Director - ClydeBank Media

✓ Camtasia
We use Camtasia as our screen recording and video editing software. It isn’t as powerful or professional as top level software like After Effects but that actually works for us. It helps keep us focused on the features we need without getting overwhelmed.

Jack Choros

CMO - IronMonk Solutions

Snagit and Camtasia are the two best screen recording software is in the industry in my opinion. They are both owned by TechSmith.

✓ Snagit
Snagit allows you to quickly record videos and share them via YouTube and all kinds of other video sharing websites. You can upload the videos directly from the Snagit interface, no need to open up a web browser to sign into your video sharing website of choice. You can add annotations, voice overs, zoom in and out and explain everything you need to explain in a concise and media rich format.

✓ Camtasia
Camtasia offers more detailed video editing capabilities, so if you’re serious about creating a screen recorded presentation, you can seamlessly move your video footage from one software to the other.

These are great tools to use if you’re working remotely and the best part is you can buy lifetime licenses to both solutions and skip paying for annual subscriptions because they are both very much affordable.

Noman Asghar

Digital Marketing Executive - Fan Jackets

✓ Camtasia
Camtasia is the best tool for screen recording. It’s intuitive and also provides editing tool that’s also great for improving your video quality and to add interactive elements. The second screen recorder I like most is Snagit, that provides the facility to record the any part of your screen, browser, etc. It also provides extremely high quality video recording and ability to save in your required format.

Allison Chaney

Chief Digital Training Officer - Boot Camp Digital

✓ Camtasia
My top recommendation for video editing software is Camtasia. It has a lot of features to make your video look more professional.

✓ YouTube Studio
I also recommend YouTube’s Creator as it is a great free option for most small businesses.

Mike Beatty

Founder - Make Time Online

✓ Camtasia
I recommend using Camtasia as a video editing tool because of the ease of use. It is very intuitive to use and really user friendly. You can easily add text overlay, shapes, videos or images over the video plus zoom in or out at certain times.
There are tons of more advanced features but I personally just love the simplicity of it.

Erick Prospero

Chief Ninja - Ninja Tropic eLearning

My firm produces 100’s of training videos monthly and we have used multiple tools.

✓ Camtasia
This is the goto option for our clients that want the DYI experience. It is ideal for those who don’t have a technical background or the patience to learn adobe. It has limitations with respect to the “cleanliness” of the final output. When you render a video, it does not have that smooth appearance as something rendered from Premiere. With that being said, a noncreative can learn this software in 3 hours. It gets the job done for video editing but only that!

✓ Adobe Premiere
This is our go-to choice for editing and post-production. Our clients with internal teams use this as well. It is the common language among the creative community and it integrates with other adobe creative programs nicely – from captivate to aftereffects. It is not something you want to jump into if you are not patient to learn the ins and outs of Adobe nuances.

William Angelos

Owner - C&R Family Pets

✓ Camtasia
For me Camtasia is hands down the best. It lets you record your desktop, and if you want a webcam of yourself as well. This makes it perfect for doing demo tutorials.

I also love the easy to use zoom in and out features, or where you can highlight the part of the screen where you want people to focus on. Having people follow your mouse on the screen is also super easy because you can have a yellow ring appear around it so people can easily follow what you are doing.

There are a ton of export options available from within the program. You can upload it directly to YouTube if you wanted or several other video platforms.

In addition to all this you can easily edit imported audio and video, so editing home videos or even podcasts is super simple.

Bill Angelos

Owner - The Expat

✓ Camtasia
I recommend a video editor called Camtasia. They are great for non-destructive video editing. It is very easy to record video with this both from your webcam as well as your desktop. Editing videos in the timeline editor is a breeze. You can use this video or import anything you want to make a really professional video for very little investment. The software only costs $249.

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