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Canva 2021 Review

Canva is a graphic design platform. It allows you to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content by using an easy drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts. Voted #1 in logo design tools and #2 in graphic design software.


  • Easy-to-use graphic design tool.
  • Fully cloud-based.
  • 100+ graphic design types like logo design, social media posts, business cards and much more.


  • Free version with 8,000+ free templates.
  • Pro version available to unlock more features and templates.

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Canva Reviews

Find out what each expert had to say about Canva.

John Donnachie

Director - ClydeBank Media

✓ Canva
If you’re making your logo yourself and you don’t have an abundance of graphic design skill I really like Canva. It’s a nearly foolproof online design platform with awesome templates and a huge library of stock photos and graphic assets.

The software is designed for people who have a lot of great ideas but don’t always have the design talent to see them through. Everything is really intuitive and the software works really well. Use it for your logo and you’ll be hooked. Pricing is really reasonable for a single account but the price does increase sharply if you bring a team on board.

Nicole Garcia

Chief Marketing Officer - Most Craft

I’m a graphic artist and I also handle a creative team that makes the bulk of the graphic designs you see on our site. In Most Craft, we utilize 2 software for our images, and I truly recommend all of them. These are Photoshop and the Canva photo editor.

✓ Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is a mammoth image editing software that everyone is familiar with. In our company, we use this to retouch, make complex edits, and make new images out of the old ones. Depending on your skill level, anything is possible with this software. However, it can be challenging if you’re working with dozens of images on a tight schedule. That’s why utilizing the other tool is a great big thing.

✓ Canva
We use the Canva photo editor for efficiency. The broad template collection you can easily access is a lifesaver. It saves you time and effort because the design template and stock images are easily available for you to tweak. Whether it be for a social media post or banner for your site, creating one in Canva is a breeze.

Lydia Hesterman

Creative Director - SQRD Media

✓ Canva
Simplest, cheapest tool for beginners. is a powerful tool for making simple designs like invitations, flyers, posters, or simple booklets. With pre-made layouts, basic icons, some stock photos, and a very simple yet thorough interface, anyone can build out a great design. It’s a web tool so you don’t have to buy or download anything. The perfect place to start for any beginner.

Teodor Panterov

President - Central Park Tours

✓ Canva
However, recently a colleague of mine introduced me to Canva. I am very impressed mainly because they have a very wide selection of very nice made templates for different occasions. They are very easy to edit and has no lawyers and it is entirely online. I am still playing with it but recently made something for my company – Central Park Tours in 15 minutes, something which will take me an hour or more with GIMP. Definitely less functionality with Canva (no shadows, no layers etc) but for busy people who do their own designs it is awesome so far. Still learning.

Kate Obert

CEO/Founder, Brand Strategist at Kate Obert - Kate Obert

✓ Canva
If you’re needing to create a logo on your own, maybe you’re a new entrepreneur, & can’t afford a designer (or probably don’t need to yet) Canva is an excellent tool! I would pay the $12.99 for Canva Pro for the month so you have access to every font they offer, along with designs and the ability to download with a transparent background. If you ever need to resize the logo, there’s a resize tool where you don’t have to start over again. If you’re a beginner, chances are your business will evolve within the first 6-12 months so this is the perfect way to bootstrap until you’ve got social proof, proof of concept & seeing what you might change (like possibly your name) before hiring a professional!

Samiksha S Rawool

Owner & Food Blogger at Yummy Tummy Recipes - Yummy Tummy Recipes

✓ Canva
I very often use Canva to edit high quality images and media assets for my blog. This tool has a web interface and does not need to be downloaded to local computer. It is very easy to use for picture editing. It has drag and drop feature which is very intuitive.

✓ Shutterstock Editor
I use this free picture editing tool to implement some advanced level filters and editing functionality. Shutterstock also offers royalty free pictures and media assets with a one-month free trial for 10 image downloads.

Jiten Thakkar

Digital Marketing Consultant, Coach & Author

✓ Canva
For any new graphic designer, or anyone with less experience using software, I suggest to use this online web-based software which aims at making designing life simple. The key differentiator here is most of the designs in CANVA are free to use which makes it a good choice for quick graphic work.

Bobby Kittleberger

Owner - Guitar Chalk Media LLC

✓ Canva
We’ve also used and recommended Canva, which is a browser-based graphics tool. Also free with some templates and plenty of open source graphical elements.

Madhsudhan Khemchandani

Writer - MK's Guide

For over two years, I have been using Photoshop and Canva for eye-catching images.

✓ Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop allows me creating new images, editing screenshots and exporting as a web which compress the images without losing the quality. The reduced size is essential in the web world. The only downside of Photoshop is that it’s not free, and you also need a good computer to perform some tasks.

✓ Canva
I use Canva to create amazing thumbnails for my YouTube videos. The tool allows creating images which users want to click on. Canva is a free tool, but it offers a paid version which comes with many great backgrounds, elements, and images to work without finding the images on Google.

✓ Snapseed
In terms of mobile, I use Snapseed as it offers some of the great tools such as auto-enhance, dual exposure, curves etc. If an image is taken on my mobile, I edit and compress the image in Snapseed and upload to my website straight away.

Syed Usman Hashmi

Digital Marketing Strategist - PureVPN

✓ Canva
Canva has a variety of great features with built-in templates and most of its fonts and graphics are free so they don’t require any subscription to use.

Its preset sizes let you design automatically without spending much time on thinking of the specific dimensions.

Most importantly Canva automatically saves your designs on the cloud, so that you don’t need to worry about the hard disk space that a particular creative acquires and can be accessed from any devices no matter wherever you are.

Stacy Caprio

Blogger - Deals Scoop

✓ Canva
I would recommend Canva as a logo design tool for any business owner or creative designer to use. Canva is great because it gives you the tools you need to rearrange text and graphics you already have, as well as free and paid options for commercial use text and graphics as well. You can easily format and design a logo and other creative materials using the Canva interface, and it is a great tool to use for logo design.

Ashley Sterling

Director of Operations - The Loop Marketing

✓ Canva
What: Graphic creation platform
Why: As someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with Photoshop, a simple and easy-to-use graphic creation platform like Canva is a small miracle. You can create anything from an Instagram Story to a PDF Flyer for an event. The free version offers a good array of stock images, and the paid version is reasonably priced.

Kristin McCrossin

Creative Director - Boomtown Internet Group

✓ Canva
The other software I use is Canva. Canva is great for people who need a graphic but don’t want to pay a designer or for designers who don’t want to work extra hard to create a simple graphic. They have tons of templates and free stock images to choose from plus, you can easily re-size any design.

Shayan Fatani

Digital Marketing Strategist - PureVPN

✓ Canva
I have found Canva to be the most user friendly tool out there. You do not need to be a designer to use the tool, all you have to do is drag and drop. It is free of gimmicks and comes with free stock templates that you can instantly use to create a logo and then simply download in high-resolution using JPG, PNG or PDF formats.

Angie Glaser

Senior Editor - Migraine Again

✓ Canva
An easy-to-use graphics editor like Canva. With Canva, anyone can become a graphic designer. Featuring a library of stock images, templates, and graphics, it’s a fantastic tool for creating visuals to share on social media.

Charlie Wright

IT Consultant - Imprima

✓ Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is our number one tool when working on any graphic design project. We love its interface because it offers various targeted workspace layouts, as well as 3D applications and a high level of customisable options.

✓ Canva
In a nutshell, Canva offers more than a hundred of fonts and designs you can choose from. Its templates are very easy to use, and most of its applications are mobile-friendly, which makes the tool much valuable.

✓ Adobe Illustrator
We have always used Adobe Illustrator due to its higher compatibility with all our devices. Additionally, its mathematical equations generate all the graphics, which ensures that your designs can be printed in any dimension (as they are highly precise).

Muhammad Ammar Shahid

Digital Marketing Executive - SuperHeroCorp

✓ Canva
Almost every other person knows the name of this tool because of its simple, easily accessible, and useful features. The competitive advantage of using Canva for making your logo is that you’ll get most of the designs free of cost.

Zohe Mustafa

Chief Growth Officer - Growth Hakka

✓ Canva
An alternative is This is less smart and less automated but again there are hundreds of templates, tools and fonts to choose from. This is for people who want some more control over their design. But I reckon if you were to try both you would soon realise Place it is the way to go.

Beth Adan

Director of Marketing - NisonCo PR

✓ Canva
A super user-friendly tool that lets you design anything from a Facebook cover image to a restaurant menu, Canva is something I use nearly every day for both personal and professional projects. It’s free to sign up and provides a simple way to add text or graphics to an image without having to use a bulky program like PhotoShop. You can easily scale graphics and text to create the perfect logo. Although most elements are free, if you want to purchase a paid graphic or image, it’s just $1. Canva recently offered all their images at no charge to Premium members, which is a gamechanger for graphic design in 2020!

Simonas Steponaitis

CMO at - HostingWiki

✓ Canva
Canva gives you a blank space to fill with your imagination. If you need a hint, just tweak their templates and your logo is good to go. I’ve used their free plan and it’s pretty much satisfactory.

Lily Ugbaja

Owner - FindingBalance.Mom

✓ Canva
Canva is the easiest graphic design software I’ve ever worked with. I love that it’s so versatile and quick to use.

Here are some cool features Canva has:
– A photo gallery
– Ability to save and reuse templates
– Ability to automatically resize graphics
– A large collection of beautiful fonts
– Apply photo color to design background (The photo editor itself is pretty good)
– Design grids and frames
– A large collection of icons
And a whole lot more.

Basically, Canva lets people do what pro designers can do with less the skill.

Elizabeth Moosburner

Lead Designer - Venta Marketing

✓ Canva
If you are just starting out and want to learn about the basics of great design, I recommend using Canva, a semi-free platform that helps you create social media assets, business cards, blog banners, logos, and more. It doesn’t have the same power as Illustrator but Canva’s desktop and mobile versions are a plus along with the thousands of templates, fonts, and stock assets.

Ayushi Sharma

Business Consultant - iFour Technolab Pvt Ltd

✓ Canva
Canva is a very popular logo design tool among beginners and professionals both. This is a multipurpose design tool that helps to design logos from anything, ranging from Infographics, ads, and logos. There are a variety of logo designs available which attract a wide range of audience. Users can select their type of website and opt for the appropriate logo design. This can be further customized such as fonts to make it more appealing. Logo design is downloadable in PNG, JPG, and PDF. Though Canva is a free logo design tool if you want to explore more features such as professional icons, premium images, users need to pay $12.95 per month.

Skyler Jackson

Artist - Art of Skyler Jackson

✓ Canva
I am actually a full-time artist. Recently I started using Pinterest to promote my work, and Canva is hands down the easiest graphic design software to use and create a wide range of designs. You can create designs for social media, blog posts, banners, you name it and its probably on Canva. I have made some great designs to help promote products through Pinterest using this super easy software. Totally recommend!

Alex Williams

Owner - Hosting Data UK

✓ Canva
Canva is a great tool to help even the most amateur of graphic designers to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content. Available on both web and mobile, Canva offers a library of free and paid for images, templates and illustrations to help you create engaging and inspiring social media posts.

We use Canva on a daily basis and love the consistency it provides across our content creation.

Louise Everarts de Velp

Graphic & Web Designer - ledv studio

✓ Canva
The overlooked online design tool I would recommend as an industry “best kept secret” is Canva. Canva combines an intuitive interface with a simple collaborative system for organizing and sharing designs—perfect for beginner designers and fast turnarounds! It’s super useful if you design templates for your clients such as social media templates, presentations, planners, recipe templates, etc. You can share the designs through a template link and it will automatically duplicate them in the client’s account. You will probably need the paying version ($110 a year for Canva Pro) to be able to upload custom fonts, download .png images with transparent backgrounds, and access millions of illustrations and pictures, but your clients can still access your pro-designed creations from their free accounts. Win, win!

Kenneth Choo

Author, Speaker, Consultant - KC Creative Marketing Pte Ltd

✓ Canva
I would highly recommend for starters to use Canva for simple graphic designing because there are many templates that are available for them.

If they need some free software to better graphic designing, I would suggest Free Photo Toolfor better photo or graphic editing. It is easy to use and it is free although there are ads. Personally I use them when my graphic designers are busy with assignments and that is when I will use these free online software for my graphic designing jobs.

Samantha Edwardes

Digital Media Marketing Specialist - &co. pr

✓ Canva
Graphic design platform Canva is not only incredibly user-friendly, but includes a plethora of inspiring layouts. I use Canva multiple times a week, developing all sorts of branded content – engaging social media posts, themed Stories, and attractive, on-brand newsletters.

Neal Taparia

Co-Founder - Solitaired

✓ Canva
Canva is great. You can be up on their platform in seconds. They have dozens of templates with varies themes you can choose from to create your logo. It’s very simple to adjust background, text, and creative elements to the colors and size you want. You can create customized logos in minutes, where as some other easy to use logo creators do not allow customizations. It’s also easy to test different designs to have a comparison point and make your choice easier.

Allison Chaney

Chief Digital Training Officer - Boot Camp Digital

✓ Canva
Canva is great for editing photos if you are looking to add graphic elements or stylize a photo.

✓ Pixlr
Pixlr is another web based photo editing tool, similar to PhotoShop. It has the basic tools you need for editing images, and a free version.

Syed Usman Hashmi

Digital Marketing Strategist - PureVPN

✓ Canva
There are a variety of tools I use to design creatives, social media posts, and banners, but out of all I recommend everyone to use Adobe Illustrator and Canva for their variety of benefits. Canva is an online logo Design tool while Illustrator needs you to install its software on PC.

Explanation: Canva has a variety of great features with built-in templates and most of its fonts and graphics are free so they don’t require any subscription to use.

Its preset sizes let you design automatically without spending much time on thinking of the specific dimensions.

Most importantly Canva automatically saves your designs on the cloud, so that you don’t need to worry about the hard disk space that a particular creative acquires and can be accessed from any devices no matter wherever you are.

Ashley Sterling

Director of Operations - The Loop Marketing

There are a lot of great graphic tools out there and easily accessible. Graphic design can be complicated, but if you have an exact vision for a logo, you no longer need advanced graphic design skills to bring it to life.

✓ Canva
I highly recommend Canva as an online logo design tool.
Why? Available on mobile and desktop, Canva has an incredible range of graphic capabilities. From logo creation, to flyer design, they offer easy-to-use templates and downloading capabilities. You can layer graphics, change fonts, and update the size of the logo for various platforms (wordpress, social media, youtube thumbnails, etc). This tool takes no time to learn, and offers different file types to send to your team, upload onto Wix, or add to a t-shirt.

Beth Adan

Director of Marketing - NisonCo PR & Marketing

✓ Canva
A super user-friendly tool that lets you design anything from a Facebook cover image to a restaurant menu, Canva is something I use nearly every day for both personal and professional projects. It’s free to sign up and provides a simple way to add text or graphics to an image without having to use a bulky program like PhotoShop. Although most elements are free, if you want to purchase a paid graphic or image, it’s just $1.

Dave Hoch

Co-founder -

✓ Canva
I’m a big fan of for a quick and easy online logo design tool. I’ve used it for many years and the user interface is easy to wrap your brain around. The editor is a drag and drop interface and is made for “non-graphics-designers.” Canva also has a library of images, shapes, color palettes, and graphics that you can simply incorporate into your design. Best of all, you can export images in a variety of formats (like jpegs and PNGs) with predetermined compression levels. You can share your newly created work with social media apps and communications tools like Slack, FB Group, MailChimp, Pinterest, etc. Lastly, Canva has the option to order printed materials like business cards, directly on their website.

Maggie Ganley

Social Coordinator - Bozell

✓ Canva
I’m fortunate to have a team full of talented graphic designers to fulfill most of our social graphics needs. However, for quick turnaround social graphics, I recommend utilizing Canva. With hundreds of templates to choose from, access to free stock photography and a wide selection of font options, this tool is graphic design made easy.

Adeel Shabir

Content Marketing Executive - Indoor Champ

✓ Canva
An online content creation tool, it helps a lot in making those post for social media. If you don’t have any knowledge of hardcore designing skills such as Photoshop or Illustrator. You can create the post on Canva and download it in any quality that pleases you. It allows to integrate with any social media platform, popular ones are Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It has many free templates and also they provide the paid version for the templates.

Pricing: It’s free to use and comes with a paid version of templates.

Scot J Chrisman

Founder and CEO - The Media House

✓ Canva
Canva is an online graphic design tool that’s so intuitive, even beginners can use it and come up with a decent logo in minutes. Templates are available and free elements to choose from are numerous. If you want advanced features, there is a paid version of this tool. However, for most people, the free version does the job.

Oliver Andrews

Owner - OA Design Services

✓ Canva
Canva has been in the free design market for a while, offering free and paid templates for social media images, flyers, invitations, business cards, and more. With a little creativity, it doesn’t take much to give these free logo designs their unique flair and get a professional-looking logo at no cost.

Jolene Rheault

Owner - Refreshing Solutions

✓ Canva
If you are new to graphic design, you can’t go wrong with Canva. I also work as a social media manager and will create my custom templates within Photoshop and then transfer it to Canva so I can easily mix up the images and text on the go. In a quick pinch, my client can go in and edit the template as well.

Nicholas Allen

Founder / Designer / Developer - Sublime Dzine

✓ Canva
As a professional, I find myself also using Canva pretty consistently as well. Their tool is fast and browser-based with a nice mobile app too. I use them for most of my social media and website graphics that aren’t fully custom or when I’m short on time. Canva is also great when you need to create a large number of graphics in a single sitting. I’ll make a month’s worth of graphics for a client’s social media calendar in about an hour for instance. Oh, let’s not forget the library of stock images from Canva with image templates and the ability to post directly to your social media.

Peter Koch

Graphic Designer - DollarSanity

✓ Canva
It has everything you need to design a logo and it is absolutely free. Canva is easy to use, an online-based tool you can access from anywhere and anytime. All you need is an internet connection.

It might sound as non-professional but you’d be surprised how many logos are designed in Canva.

Canva FAQ

What is Canva?

Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design tool.

Is Canva any good?

Our experts voted Canva as the #1 tool to use for logo design and #2 for any type of graphic design (just behind Adobe Creative Cloud).

Is Canva free to use?

Yes. Canva has a free version without any limitations.

What are the best features of Canva?

Easy-to-use. Free. 8,000+ design templates.