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Elementor 2024 Review

Elementor is a free WordPress Page Builder, with over 5 million users. It allows you to create beautiful websites using a simple drag and drop interface. Voted #6 in WordPress plugins and landing page builders.


  • Drag and drop editor.
  • Responsive editing.
  • 40+ basic widgets.
  • 30+ basic templates.


  • Complete free version available.
  • Pro plans start from US$49/year.

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Find out what each expert had to say about Elementor.

Christopher Menning

Founder, Managing Director - Gastronomer Lifestyle
✓ ElementorWithout doubt one of the best plugins and website builders that you can get. The free version is super powerful and enough to get started and the pro is a good value for thew additional features. It comes with a range of free templates which means you could build you website in a matter of minutes.✓ WP SmushImage optimisation, performance size is very important for SEO. WP smush takes care of all of this as soon as you upload an image.✓ Yoast SEOThis is your best friend when it comes to learning about SEO with its easy to use interface and the tips and hints it gives to boost your SEO

Peter Laskay

Pet care blogger - Petworshiper

✓ Elementor
You only have to pay for one of the plugins I recommend, but it’s well worth it. And this is Elementor Pro. I’ve tried many theme builder plugins, but none have approached this. It is very easy to learn and you can change important things very effectively in minutes. And the built-in themes look really good. I don’t use them because I design my websites to my own taste, but for anyone with such needs, this plugin will be perfect.

✓ Gutenberg Editor
Gutenberg Editor is an easy to use post creator. Many people have a bad opinion of it because it might be too simple and there aren’t many fancy options built in it. But that’s why I like it. I wouldn’t do simple blog posts with any other editor.

✓ Font Awesome
As a beginner, I suffered a lot with the little icons. Hamburger menu icon, search box magnifier icon, etc. Many times these did not appear properly. Or I solved one problem and then had a problem with the other. The Font Awesome plugin helps with these things. You just install it, activate, and you’re done. It really solves your troubles.

Joey Rubinstein

Account Coordinator - WestRay Communications

✓ Wix
Wix is in many ways the top dog in the web building market. It is often ranked number one in reviews, and for good reason. It has over 500 templates to choose from. Plus, there is now an ADI option which takes all of about 2 minutes to use, and builds the skeleton of the user’s website. A landing page with Wix is incredibly quick and easy.

✓ Elementor
Very much an up and comer in the market. Elementor is a WordPress based web builder. They are well recognized in the WordPress space, having won the competition for best WordPress add on for two straight years. They are open source, but are designed to be a block builder similar to traditional web builders. This dual identity gives users the flexibility to design something quick and simple, or to make something more intricate. Furthermore, they have a large library of plugins that allow building a professional looking site or landing page in a heartbeat.

✓ Squarespace
As the founder, Anthony Casalena, is also a University of Maryland alum, it is fair to say I am a little biased (go Terps!). However, Squarespace very much deserves its spot in the top 3, as it is well recognized as one of the best web builders. It’s themes are intuitive and the site features strong UX. Additionally, it is packed with many extra plugins, including ample for e-commerce. Getting a clean landing page is a cinch with Squarespace.

Jay Allen

Owner - UJ Media Services

✓ Elementor
As a WordPress user, the landing page builder that I swear by is Elementor.

Since it integrates with WordPress, that means I don’t need to use separate software from my main site to build beautiful landing pages. Elementor has its own visual designer that acts as an alternative to the WordPress editor. It enables creating pages based on an extensive series of templates and it supports drag-and-drop rearranging of elements. You can also extend your default WordPress theme using Elementor, using the software to fashion new templates for single posts and archives. Finally, at $99/yr. for a three-site license, Elementor is very affordable.

Henley Griffin

Career Coach - SAHM Jobs Center

My must-have plugins for WordPress are:

✓ SEOPress
This plugin is essential for ensuring your blog posts are SEO optimized. It is a free plugin. In addition to helping with SEO, this plugin gets your sitemap setup for Google. I wouldn’t ever try to rank a website in Google without this plugin installed.

✓ Elementor
This free plugin is a versatile page builder that allows you to create the web pages that you see in your head.. It’s drag-and-drop, so it is easy to use, even for the most technically challenged website owner.

✓ Grow (formerly Social Pug)
This free plugin is now owned by Mediavine and helps you add social sharing buttons to your blog posts and pages. You can choose from floating social icons or inline content icons. While other plugins offer similar functionality, this is a lightweight plugin that doesn’t slow down your site.

Scott Jones

Website Owner - Pupster Passion

✓ Elementor
If you are using WordPress I would recommend you try Elementor Page Builder.

There is both a free and premium version of the tool, the free version is certainly good enough to give it a trial run and even build some basic landing pages.

Elementor gives you total control over every single page on your WordPress website, it works better than any other tool I have ever used.

It is also great from both a CRO (conversion rate optimization) and a SEO (search engine optimization) perspective.

Overall it has been a game changer for my website, which is why I am so happy to recommended it.

Michael Kouiroukidis

Founder - LegendsCoaching

✓ Elementor
Elementor is amazing and free, it helps you build a the frontend from scratch and has user friendly drag and drop functions which allows users without coding experience to create their website just as they like it.
You can add buttons, videos, imades, icons etc. position everything where you want it to be and easily optimize your page in a way that it represents your values.

✓ UpdraftPlus
Also free, very important to back up the website and restore it once something malfunctions. I’ve had multiple occasions where my website broke because I tested out a new plugin and thankfully I always backed up the site before using this plugin otherwise all of my work would have been lost.

✓ Convertful
Another free plugin that allows you to create pop-up windows and newsletter collectors etc. It’s great if you want to make the users aware of one specific thing for example a new product or video etc. and you can let people sign up for news using their EMail which comes in handy to let them know whenever you make a new Blog post.

Rizwan Girach

Owner - Chessgammon

✓ Elementor
The landing page builder we would recommend for a professional WordPress website would be a plugin called Elementor.

This particular plugin allows you to optimise any page for search engine optimisation but has a very easy drag and drop method with designs, not requiring any coding and does not need a professional to design these website.

Personally this is the best recommendation I can certainly give due to it’s flexibility and as a beginner you can also start of free with many features.

John Collicutt

Owner - Side Income Planet

✓ Elementor
Elementor is one of our go to plugins. It allows us to build pages we like, is easy to use and reliable. Most recently we have been using it to anchor text on single page sites. I had read and watched so many how to guides and was completely confused. The lightbulb came on and I looked at my Elementor plugin, which took me to a great clip of film and I got it sorted within 10 minutes. Elementor has a lot of capability.

✓ AddThis
AddThis is another great plugin. We publish regular blog posts and are working to build brand awareness. AddThis gives a great little plugin to allow people to easily share our content. It removes another layer of effort from our readers so just makes the whole process smoother and easier. Their site also provides some really good and clear advice.

Finally, and not such a sexy one,

✓ Broken Link Checker
There’s no point in producing great content without it linking properly. Why be lost in the ocean of the internet. Broken Link Checker has one intention, to spot broken links on pages which you can then easily resolve. That one was suggested by Backlinko I think, and we have found it just a great bit of background support.

Nour Eissa

Content Writer - Stacks Market

✓ Elementor
The first WordPress plugin I recommend is the Elementor pro plugin, Elementor is the first front end visual drag and drop builder, which makes quick work of any design layout you want your website to have and it takes out the guessing work out of editing a design element since users are able to see the edit straight away.

Some of its features are:
1. Drag & Drop Editor
2. 300+ Designer Made Templates
3. Responsive Editing
4. Popup Builder
5. Theme Builder

✓ Stacks Extend
The second WordPress plugin is Stacks Extend mobile application plugin.

This plugin, when installed on any WordPress template users, are able to build Hybrid mobile applications for Android and iOS with no coding knowledge needed just a simple click of a button and the application build is ready to be uploaded to the app stores.

Some of its features are:
1. Compatible with any WP Theme
2. Automatic orders & products syncing with the website
3. One Click Mobile App Build
4. Multiple payment gateways integrated with your mobile App
5. Push Notifications
6. Multilingual
7. Social Login

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