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Google Drive 2022 Review

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. It allows you to safely store and share your photos, videos, files and more in the cloud. Your first 15 GB of storage are free with a Google account. Voted #1 in file-sharing tools.


  • Store, access, and share your files in one secure place.
  • Access files anytime, anywhere from your desktop and mobile devices.


  • Free plan for up to 15GB storage.
  • Paid plans start from US$5.99.

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Google Drive Reviews

Find out what each expert had to say about Google Drive.

Alexandre Beauchet


✓ Google Drive
With my partner, we also use the Google Suite and, therefore, Drive. I must confess that I’m not a huge fan of Drive’s information architecture. In addition to that, downloading and uploading traditional documents (Doc, PPT, Excel, etc.) is a real bother. In a perfect world, I would love to sync Dropbox files with Drive’s ones.

Manny Hernandez

CEO - Wealth Growth Wisdom LLC

✓ Google Drive
Many users are already familiar with Google Drive because they’ve used the platform’s 15 GB of free storage space for backing up personal files. This familiarity can help organizations that choose the platform to minimize the learning curves among employees. Data is automatically synced with all devices linked to the account and changes are saved automatically.

Christopher Liew

Founder & Entrepreneur - Wealth Awesome

✓ Google Drive
I’m using Google Drive for my office projects because it automatically syncs all our team member’s data and receives the notification when someone from team members has made changes. This feature allows us to work on the same file at the same time. One of the best things about Google Drive is it’s user- friendly UI. I don’t have any security concerns with Google Drive because it uses 256-bit AES encryption with files in transit and 128-bit AES encryption.

Allison Chaney

Chief Digital Training Officer - Boot Camp Digital

✓ Google Drive
I recommend Google Drive. For most small businesses, the free storage is more than enough. It also is very easy to collaborate on documents and you don’t have to worry about overwriting someone’s work if two people are in the document at the same time as changes can happen simultaneously. Everything is automatically saved to the cloud so if your computer crashes, you don’t risk losing anything.

Milos Djordjevic

Co-Founder - SaveMyCent

✓ Google Drive
I would recommend using Google Drive as the best sharing software for companies of all sizes. The best thing about Gdrive is that you don’t need to install new software since most people use Gmail anyway and have Google accounts. WIth Gdrive it’s easy to collaborate on projects with people inside and outside your company since you can manually adjust the file access settings.

Since it’s drag-and-drop and overall easy to use, I find it to be the most practical solution for file-sharing within my company. Gdrive also integrates docs and photos from the Google account, which most employees are familiar with using, so there is not much of a learning curve involved. Lastly, the security of your files is in the hands of Google, since the files safely stored in the Google cloud.

Ali Ubaid

Digital Marketer - Decrum

✓ Google Drive
Google drive is the product of Google that allows all the Gmail account holders to save and share their files with others. In google drive, you can save your save you doc, sheet, and other data and easily share and link them with others.

Shivbhadrasinh Gohil

CMO and Co-founder - Meetanshi

✓ Google Drive
The traditional Google Drive is used for permanent files that store our product data and which are updated from time to time.
Using google drive makes it easier to share the different level permissions with the team.

Mimi Banks

Founder, MB Social - MB Social

✓ Google Drive
Real time updates, track changes, comments and all on the cloud.

Lee Savery

Content Executive - Ricemedia

✓ Google Drive
As an SEO agency, we depend on file sharing between staff and clients and we trust Google Drive. It’s very easy to use with all documents saving and updating instantly, ensuring everybody always sees the latest version of a document. It’s also very secure with access given to external clients who have a link to documents related to them and nothing else. The cloud-based nature of the platform has been invaluable during the Covid-19 pandemic, as we can access Google Drive anywhere from any device while we work from home.

Jeff Gapinski

Founder - Huemor

✓ Google Drive
Google Drive is great, affordable, and connected to the entire suite of Google Apps allowing for a lot of efficiencies.

Google Drive FAQ

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google.

Is Google Drive any good?

Our expert voted for Google Drive as the #1 file sharing tool.

Is Google Drive free to use?

Google Drive offers a free plan for up to 15GB.

What are the best features of Google Drive?

Access your files everywhere. Edit and make changes to your files.