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Google Meet 2024 Review

Google Meet (formerly Google Hangouts) is a communication software developed by Google. Google Meet has a seamless integration with all other Google products, like Google Calendar. Making it very easy to send out meeting invites to all participants.  Voted #2 in video conference software.


  • Unlimited number of meetings.
  • Screen sharing and closed captions (English only).
  • Seamless integrations with other Google products, like Google Calendar.


  • Free plan with up to 1 hour meeting length and 100 participants.
  • Paid plans start from US$10 per month.

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Google Meet Reviews

Find out what each expert had to say about Google Meet.

Aleksandra Moskalik

Junior Marketing Specialist - Ideamotive
✓ Google MeetGoogle Meet is the video conference software which we use on a daily basis and recommend. We love it because it’s perfect for remote workers. You don’t have to install any program since it’s a cloud. Another thing which makes our work more comfortable is that it never cuts out, so we always run smooth conversations with our clients.The next feature which makes it a perfect tool is the possibility to integrate with the Google Suite, for instance, with the calendar so you can easily see all your upcoming chats with the list of participants and join them directly from the calendar.Our team recommends Google Meet also because of no restrictions: no maximum time of sessions, no dropping calls, and zero problems.

Damien Martin

Marketing Executive - Shufti Pro

✓ Google Meet
Google hangouts and skype are the two used in our company. Google is like second nature for us so using hangouts is convenient. Everyone has a Gmail account so onboarding and getting along with new team members is not an issue. Google Hangouts allows connecting with 30 people simultaneously, along with screen sharing and chat during the video call.

✓ Skype
Skype is useful also, but if you have to connect with fewer people(i.e. 10 people). It allows HD video call, location sharing and screen sharing making the overall experience quite seamless.

Adam Lumb

EN Site Manager - Cashcow Ltd

✓ Google Meet
The video conferencing tool we use at my workplace is Google Hangouts Meet. For anyone whose business email is powered by Google – or uses any other Google services that require a company login – I can highly recommend it over other software.

The main reason why is because you don’t need to download any software if you’re using a PC or laptop. Instead, you just log in using your Google account. Most other video conferencing software requires you to install apps or software for your computer (or at least the person who sets the meeting does). This can be a bit confusing if you often communicate with businesses or customers outside your workplace, as they may have different software installed. With Google Hangouts Meet, you can quickly set up a meeting, invite others using a simple code, and then enjoy the meeting through your browser.

It’s true that to use Google Hangouts Meet on mobile, you need to download the app. However, most conduct work video conferencing via computers so this is often not an issue.

Carlo Borja

Head of Online Marketing - Time Doctor

✓ Zoom
My top recommendation would be Zoom. It is able to handle the 50 or so people simultaneously on a video call without hiccups. It’s smooth, fast and is the one with the least issues based on my experience.

✓ Skype
My second recommendation would be Skype. It’s the best free alternative. But, it doesn’t handle multiple attendees well. For less than 10 people it should be fine.

✓ Google Meet
Third would be Google Meet or Google Hangouts. Not the best quality, but would still recommend because it’s browser based and wouldn’t require you to install any additional software on your computer.

Bruce Hogan

CEO - SoftwarePundit

✓ Google Meet
Google Hangouts is a free and convenient video conferencing service that we use for typical day-to-day meetings. It’s available for any organization that uses G Suite. My favorite thing about Google Hangouts is that every calendar invitation automatically includes a unique link that can be used for the video call. In addition, the software has all the major features that you need – the ability to add multiple people, screen sharing, mute audio, mute video and chat.

✓ UberConference
UberConference is another easy-to-use video conference tool that we use when participants do not all use G Suite. UberConference conveniently offers a free plan and a $15 per month plan that is still quite affordable. We’ve tested the $15 per month plan, which allows us to have calls with more than 10 people, conference with people outside the US, and automatically creates a transcription of the call. It also has useful integrations with tools like Slack and Hubspot.

Oren Greenberg

Founder - Kurve

✓ Google Meet
The classic. It’s robust, dependable and free. The only cons are that file sharing is not great and connecting some (non Google) accounts can be tricky. There is no ‘waiting room’ if you sign in early.

✓ Zoom
Zoom is very robust and easily accessible, but only recommend pro as free runs out after 40min. Other than that is a great app.

Mixed feelings. No installation required. With larger groups I have had some connection issues I will probably stick to Zoom or Hangouts.

Yosef Silver

Owner - Fusion Inbound

✓ Google Meet
Integrated with my Google Calendar and GSuite apps. I don’t need to copy and paste to invite people in, and if you’re up to ten people, this is a great free solution.

✓ Slack
Slack’s video conferencing is my go-to for talking to my team. It’s right at my fingertips and let’s us connect immediately. It can be used for voice or video, and I like the options to annotate the screen if screensharing.

✓ WhatsApp
While so many people are trying to Zoom to check on on family, WhatsApp has free video calls and you can have multiple people chatting at once. I’ve been chatting to friends around the world on WhatsApp. For many people, it might be easier to use and relate to than installing another app or relying on the computer to connect.

Mark Webster

Co-Founder - Authority Hacker

✓ Google Meet
Our favorite tool right now is quite simply Google Meets. While it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the likes of competitors like Zoom or Skype, it’s that very simplicity that sets it apart in my opinion. There’s no need to install any additional software or plugins, all that is required is a link to get started and the connection quality is excellent.

In addition to this, it’s integration with Google calendar makes this an extremely powerful tool for productivity if you are using Gsuite in your business. As soon as a new appointment is made within Google calendar, a Google Meet link is automatically generated meaning all those invited have the information ready in their calendars without needing to go back and forth with links!

William Chin

Web Consultant -

Great product, fairly easy to use and set-up. Fairly cheap, and is good for large conference calls of up to 3000+ people. If you are planning an e-conference or town hall for a large business, I’d use this.

✓ Google Meet
Great for 1-on-1s, stand-ups and small team meetings. However, I’ve found technical issues once and a while with different computers and syncing meeting rooms. Also, very unstable if you have 100+ people.

✓ Zoom
Great software all around, can really be expensive but I believe they’re the pinnacle of online meeting software. You can really customize your meeting rooms, schedules and have a number of settings like allowing passwords, automatic hosting and easy recording set-ups. Good for large conferences and small teams / 1-on-1s.

Katie Ashworth

Travel Public Relations Specialist - The Abbi Agency

✓ Zoom
As an agency we sought after the same tools. During this time we have fully relied on Zoom for our conference calls. Zoom has provided us a way to have interactive calls with our teammates face to face without missing a beat.

Working remote can be tough but with these three tools, we have been able to stay more than efficient through this time.

✓ Slack
Slack has provided us the chance to have instant messaging opportunities as well as calls and video calls.

✓ Google Meet
Google can be used easily without a subscription for clients that may only be familiar with google tools.

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