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Google Optimize 2022 Review

Google Optimize shows you which site experiences engage and delight your customers and gives you the solutions you need to deliver them. Optimize is natively integrated with Google Analytics to help you identify which parts of your site need improvement. Voted #2 in conversion rate optimization tools.


  • Online website testing tool.
  • Fully integrated with other Google products, like Google Analytics.
  • Choose between A/B testing, multivariate testing, and redirect testing.


  • Free to use.

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Google Optimize Reviews

Find out what each expert had to say about Google Optimize.

Jack Cornwall

Head of Data & Insights - Blueclaw

✓ Google Analytics
Tells you where to look for your opportunities:
Which pages have the highest exit rate?
On what pages would increasing conversion rate by 1% make the most difference to your bottom line.
If you have your tracking set up correctly you can very easily extract the data needed to answer these questions and get you started on a data-driven approach to website optimisation.

✓ Hotjar
Also has a free tier:
This allows you to survey your users (letting them tell you what you could change to make your content more useful)
Heatmaps allow you to see what users are using on your site and what elements they aren’t noticing.
Session recording allows you to see where users are getting stuck and where the friction is in your conversion process.

✓ Google Optimize
The above tools will help you generate loads of ideas of what you want to test out. You shouldn’t just let your gut guess at what is going to work. Actually test it and let science tell you what will definitely work. Optimize allows you to test multiple pages very easily (without having to get developers involved) and it will tell you mathematically what is the best variation.

Eric Siemek

Director of Search - Youtech

✓ Google Analytics
If not one of the most important CRO tools we use is Google Analytics. Utilizing this free tool you’re able to see how everyone is interacting on your site, where they’re coming from, what pages are they looking at how long they were on the page for, etc. Google Analytics allows you to see how users are engaging with your content in every way possible. We utilize this data to see what the most popular pages are, how our funnels are working, the most popular areas and acquisitions traffic is coming from. It helps you dig into your data and further optimize your site for conversions.

✓ Google Optimize
In my opinion, the best A/B testing tool out there. Google optimize allows you to A/B test everything and anything on your website while connecting back into your Google Analytics for even further data analysis. Run a test to see if a green add to cart button works better then a red add to cart. When running the tests you can see which versions had how many sessions, conversions, and the probability of which version will perform best. If you run a service-based company or e-commerce this tool is great for A/B testing everything on the site.

✓ Hotjar
This tool helps you identify the hot and cold spots on your website. Meaning where people are clicking and not clicking on each page of your site. You can get a heatmap of the site and you can also record sessions for users to see how they are interacting on the site. This is super helpful because if people are never clicking on your main CTA then you know you better switch it up. The recordings are great because you can tell the most clicked sections of your pages and the elements that record the most user interactions.

Justin Grossbard

Search Director - Compare Forex Brokers

✓ Visual Website Optimizer (
VWO is an all-in-one CRO tool but also the most expensive which is based on-site visits. I recommend this tool for high-value traffic sites as the tool records all traffic (individual user sessions, heatmaps, scrollmaps etc) and also allows testing from A/B to multivariate. By doing both research and testing it’s easy to make observations and then push them into testing. It also plugs into Google Analytics meaning you don’t need to re-tag the site.

✓ Hotjar
This tool is only for research rather than testing but easy to implement on the site and low cost (you pay month-by-month). I also measured the impact on site speed which was minimal compared to other competitors such as crazy egg.

Theresa Happe

Digital Marketing Director - SOS Inventory

✓ Google Optimize
Google Optimize allows you to A/B test different versions of the same page or show an audience two completely different pages. Within the tool itself, you can modify text, change images or edit formatting to create an alternate version of a page without changing anything in the backend of the website. Once your experiment has shown to a large enough audience, you can determine a winning version of the page and update the page accordingly. These tests allow you to improve conversions, number of pageviews, reduce bounce rates and show different content to different types of audiences. No matter the source of the traffic, if you can improve your conversion rate, you can increase ROI and reduce cost/conversion across all forms of advertising media.

Bryan Clayton

CEO - YourGreenPal

✓ Google Optimize
Our growth team lives and dies by google optimize for our conversion rate optimization.

We love google optimize for the following reasons.

1) Our engineers understand it better, the documentation is better on how to implement it on our website and our mobile app.

2) Google Optimized seamlessly integrates with Google analytics better than any A/B testing tool on the market.

3) It’s cost is very low, for the longest time we were using the free tier and it was better than any of the other paid tools for A/B testing on the market.

4) Google optimize enables us to do backend testing, put another way we can test data in our database that’s not necessarily related to what the user sees, most A/B testing tools only allow you to do changes on the website that the user interacts with however with Google optimize we can test email events and all sorts of events on the backend that isn’t possible with other A/B testing tools.

Our conversion rate optimization team simply couldn’t operate without Google optimize, we love it.

Gaurav Jain

Co-Founder - MageComp LLP

✓ Unbounce
If you are using ads networks like Google ads and other, Unbounce is worth checking out because it has tight integration with them.

If you are starting up with, this tool can help to improve Adwords Quality Score of PPC campaigns. It can automatically create a landing page based on the most searched keywords by users on the internet.

✓ Hotjar
Hotjar is one of the best tools to check user behavior on your website with the help of a heatmap.
– You can figure out the most clicked section on your website
– The point from where users are leaving your website.
– The Section where users are interacting most.

✓ Optimizely
It’s not limited to only A/B testing, but you can do l lot more out of it,
– It is full-stack, works for web and mobile both.

Crystal Diaz

Senior SEO Specialist - Boldmaker

✓ Google Analytics
One of the top tools I use is Google Analytics. I know most people are like “that doesn’t count”, but it totally does depending on how you use it! I use google analytics by going to behavior> site content>landing page. I use this to see what page is getting the most organic traffic, but no conversions! And then make changes that way.

✓ Google Optimize
Another tool I use to optimize is Google Optimize. I use this mostly for a/b testing on websites like colors, text, and popups. It’s super easy to use and it tells you what test is more likely to win and you can set it as the winner and your done. Super helpful.

✓ Hotjar
The last tool I use is hotjar. There is a free version of hotjar so you can try it and see if it works for you. Hotjar takes snapshots on the website and shows you the hot areas of where people are clicking on. Then you can move stuff around the website and optimize it that way.

Erico Franco

Inbound Marketing Manager - Agencia de Marketing Digital

✓ Google Optimize
The best CRO strategy is improving user experience optimization. Having pages optimized for the user experience increases your conversion over time.

Google has a good tool for user experience optimization called Google Optimize. Google Optimize is a great feature for improving user experience and so bringing more conversions over time When doing your next page optimization an important tip is that you need to choose a goal that generates a lot of data over time or you will have to run the experiment for months. For example, if you are a small business and are running an e-commerce that makes 5 sales a day, using these transactions as a goal may not be a good idea due to the low volume. So is better to choose for example the goal of adding to cart that will have more data as a goal, so that the experiment in Google Optimize will have a winner sooner.

Dhaval Panara

Deputy Digital Marketing Manager - Biztech Consultancy

✓ Hotjar
One of my favorite tools to mager user behavior category.. The tools build with the marketing mind and give visibilities of website usabilities. additionally, it has a heat map, scroll depth, survey tool, polls, user journey video recording, feedback messaging and many more features. It directly helps you do find the improvement areas of the website. It’s available in free with limited features, paid with advance features

✓ Google Optimize
If you are planning to do A/B testing, Google optimization is the free tool with required insights. One of the easiest ways to give personalized the experience and run the A/B testing. The most important thing is, anyone can set up code with deep knowledge of website coding. Additionally, it integrates with your Google Analytics, Firebase, and Google Ads, therefore result comparison made easy..

✓ Unbounce
It’s very difficult to create and try various landing pages for websites, Unbounce allows user to create a custom landing page, sticky bar, and popup without knowledge of coding. Majorly the separate landing page concept uses for the paid advertisement audience. One of the main advantage use of tool a way it integrates with Google Analytics, Google ads, CRM and many more.

William Chin

Web Consultant -

✓ Hotjar
For Heatmaps, I use HotJar. Great tool to find out what users are doing on your website and how they handle your site layout. Plans are very scalable and their interface is very intuitive. I’m also a big fan of the ability to “Refresh” screenshots, but also have the same data be registered.

✓ TrialFire
For funnel optimization and custom user segmentation, I use a tool called Great software to help really isolate and narrow down who’s converting and how. The ability to create custom funnels and segments (with visually anchors) on the site is a fantastic tool.

✓ Google Optimize
For A/B Testing, I currently use Google optimize. Great tool for small A/B Tests, as it’s free and integrates with Google analytics. However, it’s quite costly at the enterprise level and is very restricting if you want to do multiple tests.

Google Optimize FAQ

What is Google Optimize?

Google Optimize is an online website testing tool.

Is Google Optimize any good?

Our experts voted for Google Optimize as the #2 conversion rate optimization tool.

Is Google Optimize free to use?

Yes, it’s free to use.

What are the best features of Google Optimize?

A/B testing. Multivariate testing. Redirect testing. Fully integrated with other Google products.