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Best Heatmap Software 2024 – Voted By 36 Experts

Are you looking for the best heatmap software for your website?

Heatmap software can you give you data to get a better understanding of how visitors are using your website. Ultimately, this could lead to a better conversion rate and more results out of your website.

We have reached out to 36 digital marketing experts and asked them: which heatmap software would you recommend others to use? Without further ado, here are the ones that they recommend you to use.

Top Heatmap Software 2024

1. Hotjar (26 votes)

Hotjar is a powerful tool that reveals the online behavior and voice of your users. By combining both Analysis and Feedback tools, Hotjar gives you the ‘big picture’ of how to improve your site’s user experience and performance/conversion rates.

2. Crazy Egg (8 votes)

Crazy Egg let’s you understand your customer website journey with eye-tracking tools. This includes snapshots,  heatmaps and recordings.

3. Lucky Orange (3 votes)

Lucky Orange offers an all-in-one conversion optimization suite. It will answer the question of why 99% of visitors that visit your site never turn into customers.

Heatmap software is a data visualization tool that can help you massively when trying to improve your website. It will give you insights into how your visitors are using your website and you can use this data to improve your conversion rate.

Heatmaps give you a color coded representation of which areas of your web page get the most attention.

The most popular heatmap tools are Hotjar and Crazy Egg. Especially Hotjar is very popular, getting almost 75% of the votes. The experts specifically like Hotjar’s UI, which is easy to follow and integrates with third party tools like Hubspot, Slack and Optimizely. Also, the fact that the free version covers up to 2,000 page views is a big plus.

Read What The Experts Said

Find out what each expert had to say about their favorite heatmap software. Select the software from the list below.

William Chen

Web Consultant - ProLightingRental
The three software I would recommend for heatmapping are:✓ HotJarEasy tool to use, comes with a relative cheap price-tag and has session recording and basic heat map functionality (click clusters, mouse cursors). It’s my go to favorite for all things heat-mapping.✓ Crazy EggFairly simple tool as well. Comes with some VERY basic A/B Testing tool. Has a “confetti” map which is unique to HotJar (from my experience), which actually counts the clicks across the page. Overall, pricing is not bad either. I would recommend this to new users to CRO.✓ TrialFireGreat interactive heat-map and custom funnel relay. Can also capture clicks hidden behind AJAX calls or async’ed loading (Which is nice). Also reveals contact form submissions. Definitely built for expert CRO’ers as the funnel creation and element tagging can be VERY daunting.

Rich Mehta

Founder - Rigorous Digital

✓ Hotjar
We use Hotjar. It’s great at heatmaps but also allows you to record other data to add to the mix, like user surveys and session recordings.

Adding all that together gives a really good feel for the UX of a site, and how users journey through it.

Alek Asaduryan

SEO at - Yes Cycling

✓ Hotjar
I personally use Hotjar for my websites because I think it’s the best software for the job. I do recommend it because of the two main features you get – Click Heatmap, and Scroll Heatmap.

With the click heatmap, you can easily learn where your visitors are clicking, and understand otherwise invisible behaviors. I use it mostly for CTR optimization on my affiliate offers. If I see that some of my links are not clicked at all I can make some changes.

The second feature that I use a lot is the Scroll Heatmap. With it, you can understand where is the average fold on your pages, and posts so you can put the most valuable information that all visitors must see above that fold. Definitely an amazing feature for all digital marketers.

Bruce Hogan

CEO - SoftwarePundit

✓ Hotjar
Hotjar is a fantastic website analytics platform that includes a heatmap tool. It’s platform combines several tools –a heatmap, polling, product feedback, and customer surveys – that anyone can use to learn about their website and customers. Hotjar can be used to capture a heatmap of any page on your website. You can filter the data by device type, and look at clicks, mouse hovering, and scroll depth. Even better, they offer a free plan that includes up to three heatmaps.

Shiv Gupta

CEO - Incrementors Web Solutions

✓ Crazy Egg
The crazy egg is incredible for showing the heatmaps and for understanding the behavior of the clients. It shows clicks and scrolling activity by heatmaps and other charts. It helps every marketer/business user to think a lot about the website

Shiv Gupta

CEO - Incrementors Web Solutions

✓ CrazyEgg
The crazy egg is incredible for showing the heatmaps and for understanding the behavior of the clients. It shows clicks and scrolling activity by heatmaps and other charts. It helps every marketer/business user to think a lot about the website.

Melanie Bell

Co-Founder - Strategic Piece

✓ Hotjar
I highly recommend Hotjar. Not only does it offer heatmaps, but it also can record the screens of your website visitors as they navigate your site. You can watch it the same as if you were watching a YouTube video. I love this because strong marketing analysis should incorporate both quantitative and qualitative data, and this provides the qualitative – or at least a piece of it.

✓ CrazyEgg
If you just want heatmaps though, CrazyEgg can be another good option. It’s more basic, but the most straightforward tool if you’re just wanting heatmaps.

Grant Tilus

Product Management - Cro Metrics

✓ Hotjar
Hotjar is the best product to begin with using heatmaps, session recordings, and even surveys for a team’s site optimization efforts. It’s cost-effective and very simple to use for an additional level of analysis.

✓ CrazyEgg
✓ FullStory
As the team matures, CrazyEgg and Fullstory have some additional features that could be useful as you scale your investments.

Denny Putsh

Chief Editor - Hitting the Golf Ball

✓ Hotjar
Looking at a Hotjar heatmap almost feels like cheating. You can do A/B testing all day, but you will never win against someone who is testing their website with a heatmap. It gives you A/B tests a brain that most others don’t have in their tests. Also, you actually get to understand what about an A/B test worked and what didn’t.

Carmine Mastropierro

Founder - Mastro Commerce

✓ Hotjar
I’ve used and highly recommend Hotjar for marketers looking to adopt heatmap software. It has allowed my agency to understand user behaviour in ways that traditional analytics tools can’t. We’ve been able to greatly improve the user experience, split test elements like buttons/CTAs, and increase conversions thanks to Hotjar. I suggest beginning with the free plan to test the software and see if it’s right for you. The recordings of users is especially beneficial to directly study how they interact with a website’s structure. Adding polls and surveys also allows you to collect feedback.

Ashley Kim

Associate Strategist - Avex Designs

✓ Hotjar
At Avex, our E-commerce Strategist and I love Hotjar as a heatmap software to best understand user behavior on our clients’ websites. Hotjar offers robust heat maps, screen recordings, funnel reviews, and feedback collection – all easy for anyone to interpret and understanding. What also makes Hotjar our agency’s favorite is its pricing, easy integration with Shopify, and the amazing agency plan that makes it so easy to manage multiple clients in one place.

Jacob Rosenberg

CEO / Founder - Tajima Direct

In the last 6 months, our company has been hugely focused on our website UX and UI to understand where customers were dropping off, what they were seeing, and ultimately how to drive more people further through the funnel.

✓ Hotjar
The single best tool we found was HotJar for a few reasons. The first wis their heatmap software, which allows us to view for any page on our site, the heatmaps and scrollmaps to see where our users are clicking and how far down the page users are making it before moving on to the following page.

It truly allowed us to optimize the customer flow by doubling down on information on later pages through the funnel that we thought were necessary for the consumer, but that we found they weren’t seeing most of the time on the early pages where we initially had put the information. The other reason HotJar proved to be so impactful for us was the use of their recording features.

Essentially, they track users on targeted pages of your site (that you target) so you can watch how they interact and engage with their site again to learn what might cause them to drop off and where the bottlenecks in the UX are.

Marc Bromhall

Co-founder - Contentellect

✓ Hotjar
I’ve been using Hotjar for the last 7 years. I’ve tried other heatmapping products but this one takes the cake. The feature that I find most valuable is their “recordings” feature which allows you to actually view screen recording of real user behaviour (see where they’re hovering and clicking). The “funnels” feature is also handy. It allows you to see exactly where users are dropping off on your site.

Abdullah Prem

Founder & CEO - Bloggersneed

Heatmaps are a great way to find out which area gets more attention and clicks on websites. It will show color statistical data in the form warm to cool color spectrum.

There are lots and lots of heatmap available on the internet but if you ask me the best one. My favorite premium tools are crazy egg, Clicktale, and Hotjar.

✓ CrazyEgg
Crazyegg is most internet marketers recommended and more than 300k webmasters use crazy egg. Because it has the best features like recordings, snapshots, and A/B testings.

✓ Clicktale
Clicktale is another favorite heatmap to see website user behaviors and the tap heatmap from the Clicktale is used to understand the user’s expectations.

✓ Hotjar
Hotjar is a free WordPress heatmap plugin that’s why I use it on single page websites where I promote affiliate products via paid ads platform like Taboola and Revcontent to record users behavior. Want to try premium plugin then use Crazyegg, don’t have bucks then enjoy Hotjar heatmap

Finn Cardiff

CEO and Founder - Beachgoer

✓ Mouseflow
We’re very satisfied with the results we’re getting from Mouseflow. It provides us with critical insights, especially with the heatmap feature. What sets Mouseflow apart from other heatmap tools is that it supports custom date ranges, mobile and responsive layouts, and even A/B or split tests. From these results, we combine it with the software’s Session Replay feature to track clicks and mouse movements as shown on recorded activity for every visitor on our eCommerce store. Best of all, it’s mobile-friendly so I get to review user activity while I’m on the road for a business trip.

Matt Tomkin

Director - Tao Digital Marketing

✓ Lucky Orange
After experimenting with several pieces of software, we have decided to settle on Lucky Orange. This is mainly due to the cost savings in comparison to the more well-known names.

The programme does everything that the others do and is really easy to use. The wide variety of options about how long you want data stored and the ease at which you can retrieve the data is second to none.

Included in the standard packages are Form analytics, visitor recordings, chat, polls, etc. which normally you’d pay more to add into a package. You gain the same insights but at a fraction of the cost of the other platforms available.

Charlie Worrall

Digital Marketing Executive - Imaginaire

✓ Hotjar
Hotjar is one of the best heat mapping tools that we’ve ever used. While heatmapping is often overlooked and not utilised, it can tell you a lot about your website and how it’s users interact with it.

I’d definitely recommend Hotjar simply due to the fact that it offers a number of different features that all offer an easy way to review the data and look at different ways that we could improve a site. Being able to quickly navigate through the platform easily and easily means that we’re able to create a plan and action it as fast as possible so that you’re constantly undergoing improvement. If you’re not moving forward, you might a well be moving backwards.

What’s more Hotjar is ideal because it doesn’t add a lot to the laid time of a website. As we all know, load time is an important part of SEO and user experience, if your load time is bad then you’ll just end up being pushed down the rankings and potentially lose out on a lot of business. So if you’re after a heat mapping software that doesn’t end up bottlenecking your site, tanking your rankings reflecting your bottom line too much, Hotjar will be perfect.

Darcy Burk

Founder & CEO - Burk Digital Factory

✓ Hotjar
Hotjar is one of the most accessible and fully features heat mapping tools around. They make it really easy for non-technical folks to jump in and start collecting heat map data in minutes. What is really awesome is that the first 2000 page views per day are free! For most small businesses that’s more than enough. For the larger sites, their subscriptions are cost effective and add a wide variety of customisation you can make to your tracking. Hotjar is a must have tool in any digital marketers kit.

Kevin Orbach

CEO - in-house studio

✓ Google Analytics
Google Analytics recently started offering heatmaps through its Chrome Extension. Since Google Analytics is nearly universally installed on websites, most marketers already have access to these heatmaps, without signing up for any additional services. It’s already built in.

✓ Hotjar
Hotjar is another great tool for heatmaps. They have a free plan, but it’s really best at enterprise level. I can appreciate its qualitative approach to data, not as much of a barrage of information like Google Analytics. Information is curated, and care is taken to visually display importance. Hotjar also offers recordings of sessions (GDPR/CDPA compliant), which Google does not, and it builds behavioral conversion funnels. They also tack on features like surveys and feedback polls, but those definitely take backseat.

✓ Lucky Orange
A third option is LuckyOrange. LuckyOrange is a really user-friendly, affordable competitor that has a real cult following among smaller e-commerce stores. It takes the ease of use of Google and the user-friendly data of Hotjar, and products a straightforward, easy-to-understand product. LuckyOrange is a great tool for those just getting their feet wet.

Dan Richardson

Soundproof Panda

✓ Yandex.Metrica
It’s free! And just as good as all the other competitors which you can pay a significant amount of money for. It includes scroll maps, click maps as well as video replays of users interacting with your site!

Itamar Blauer

SEO Consultant - Itamar Blauer

✓ Hotjar
For me, the best heatmap software has to be Hotjar. It provides valuable insights such as screen session recordings, snapshots of scroll percentages, as well as identifying which parts of the page have the most clicks. For a tool with such great capabilities, the free version covers 2,000 pageviews per day which is plenty for people who want to get an idea in terms of how users behave on their website. Hotjar’s UI is very easy to follow, and you can also integrate it with external tools, such as Hubspot and Slack.

Michael Hammelburger

CEO - The Bottom Line Group

✓ Crazy Egg
We use Crazy Egg to complement our data-based marketing strategy. This tool helps us better collate visitor interactivity with our webpages. The heatmap is complemented by the user-friendly interface that got us started in no time. It’s easy to set up and get implemented using Google Tag Manager as well. In particular, the heatmap has given us insights on where our customers are clicking and what type of information they read the most (hotter colors) – something that our current analytics software can’t capture. We’ve made adjustments on the placements of our CTAs as well as lead magnets based on the information we gathered using the heatmap.

Crazy Egg provides us with data together with our analytics results to come up with informative results to guide our marketing decisions and guide our A/B testing.

Joe Flanagan

Founder - 90s Fashion World

✓ Crazy Egg
I recommend Crazy Egg. What I really love about this heatmap software is their Confetti option. This allows me to understand individual clicks on a page and can be colour coded to understand referral sources. It’s also a really user intuitive piece of software that doesn’t have a steep learning curve.

Beth Noll

Marketing Manager - Gift Observer

✓ Hotjar
I’ve personally used HotJar for several years now and it’s excellent. Not only do they have a free plan that has a very generous pageview limit per month, but they also allow you to track multiple pages.

Once it’s collected enough data you can analyze the result by viewing the heatmap and seeing exactly where everyone has clicked. It will also split up the data on desktop and mobile and see if there are any major differences between the two.

Overall, it’s pretty lightweight and non-intrusive, meaning your website users won’t notice any difference. You can get a lot out of the free plan which is great for most people. but their paid plans unlock a lot more useful features to take your analysis to the next level.

Neal Taparia

CEO - Solitaired

✓ Hotjar
I recommend HotJar. It’s got great heatmap technology, but more importantly, it has a suite of tools that help you further understand the heatmap. For example, you can actually watch recordings of users’ mouse movement to get an understanding of why your heatmap looks the way it does. If you have questions for your users, you can instantly launch a survey prompt on that specific page to learn more. All of this combined makes HotJar a very powerful tool.

Supriya Agnihotri

Brand Communications Manager - SurveySensum

✓ Hotjar
It is a cloud-based software that reveals the online behavior of your website visitors. Plus it gives a good analysis and feedback on how to improve your website’s user experience and lead conversions

The best part about Hotjar is that it has a free plan which users can try out. You can target users using URLs or custom JavaScript triggers. You can get feedback in as many as 40 languages and unlimited responses can be exported easily.

Peter Prabhu

Director, E-Commerce - Interstice Consulting

✓ Hotjar
We use Hotjar for most of our clients. The program installs easily, is quick, and has great free options (they run a freemium model). It includes heat maps, user session recordings, and popup surveys. It takes the analytics to a deeper level. The user session recordings, in particular, can help to identify usability problems which would otherwise go unreported as frustrated users leave the site.

Sam Cohen

CEO - Sleepcompare

✓ NotifyVisitors
For and our other websites, we use the NotifyVisitors tool. It allows us to track the visitor’s behavior across multiple devices – desktop, tablets, mobile.

With this software, we can visualize users’ behavior on login pages and modal boxes. Its other advantage is that it works for dynamic elements, such as drop-down menus and popups, and records visitors’ data in real-time.

So we can continue optimizing our UX by analyzing which of the website elements are distracting them. Predefined segments are another useful feature for filtering heatmap reports based on the conditions.

Allan Borch

Founder - Dotcom Dollar

✓ Hotjar
Great for click/mouse movement heat maps. It’s affordable and really easy to use, I can set up a heatmap in less than a minute. You also get incredible customer support. If you ever have an issue, they are easy to find and contact AND they are incredibly fast to respond.

Here are some great features from Hotjar.

Categorizes heatmaps according to device type. As you click through each one of those, the preview adjusts so you can see exactly what those device types are seeing.
Allows for visitor recording so you can literally watch a movie of how your visitor is moving through your site. It’s incredibly enlightening.

Tracks sales funnels and allows users to see “step by step” what the dropoff is. Great for finding those leaky points in your funnel!

Bottom line: Hotjar is an easy-to-use software that offers a number of heat mapping features at an affordable cost.

Chris Sheward

Founder & CEO - Repuzen

✓ Hotjar
I would definitely recommend for most companies. Hotjar enables websites to easily view heatmaps across all devices so it has you covered if you are a mobile or desktop first company. It is also widely regarded as the most used heatmap tracking software with over 500 million users including Adobe and Decathlon.

It integrates well with Google tag manager so it is simple to setup for most people and running your first heatmap takes just a few minutes from that point.

The best part? Hotjar provides a free tier to setup and start using it straight away. You only pay if you want to record additional viewers or retain more than a certain amount of recordings. This means it works well for startups and small companies since you only need to start paying once your business is expanding.

Antonio Wedral

CEO & Co-founder - NOVOS

✓ Hotjar
We use Hotjar with clients and our own site. It’s very useful to be able to track different types of pages e.g. homepage, blog, commercial product page. We use this and recommend it because it’s very simple to use, informative, fairly priced and the data is acquired very quickly with a friendly user interface.

James LePage

Founder, CEO - Isotropic

✓ Matomo
For some enterprise level clients who have a need for privacy, we use a Google Analytics competitor called Matomo. This allows our clients to have 100% ownership of their data and it’s even HIPAA compliant.

Matomo has a collection of modules that extend its functionality. One of the most popular of these modules is the “Heatmap & Session Recording”. Heatmaps are incredibly important tools that allow you to understand user activity within the page, and we’ve used many solutions in the past.

These range from Mini Orange to custom heat map solutions involving Google Analytics, Cloud and Data Studio.

The Matomo Heatmap Solution is one of the most powerful that we’ve used, and is a great offering for privacy oriented companies. There’s no need for any custom development, it integrates directly into the Matomo dashboard.If you have a high traffic website (1,000,000+ monthly page views, which is typically what we use Matomo for) you can apply segments to user groups, as well as device types to better understand your users.

We also take advantage of the easy to use HTTP API that comes with this solution, which allows us to integrate the heat maps into the marketing and analytics aspect of most companies. If you’re looking for a robust, enterprise level solution, Matomo and their “Heatmap & Session Recording” addon are definitely something to consider. Quick to implement, incredibly powerful,privacy oriented, and very expandable.

Eric Thomas

Marketing Manager - CRD Design Build

✓ Lucky Orange
We are a small business serving the Seattle area that doesn’t have a lot of time or resources to put toward UX, and Lucky Orange provides all the functionality we need for just $8.00 per month. Even though we’re not doing extensive A/B testing, it lets us take occasional glances at how users are interacting with our pages, and it reminds us which content is most popular in a visual way. We get insights that just don’t come through looking at the data in other formats.

Another feature of Lucky Orange that we use regularly is the recording of users’ sessions. Lucky Orange integrates with our Hubspot CRM. We can open a contact record, scroll down the timeline, and watch a recording of every session that contact has had on our site. This can be very valuable to our sales team.

Lucky Orange was easy to install and did not require the help of a developer.

The only drawback I can see is that it takes a bit of time to load (827ms), which slightly slows down our site’s performance. I’m not sure how Lucky Orange compares to other software of its type, but we intend to do some testing to see exactly how much it is affecting our page speed.

Eric siemek

Director of Search - Youtech

✓ Hotjar
We utilize Hotjar as our main screen recording program. With Hotjar you can easily learn how users interact with your site with both heatmaps and screen recordings. You can also make parameters so you only see people who are on the site for 30+ seconds, returning users, etc. all these allow us to spot key issues that Google Analytics cannot.

Darjan Hren

Comversion Optimization Consultant -

✓ Hotjar
There’s no way around it HotJar is the go-to heatmap tool to get your visitor analytics. The heatmap data you get will help you easily analyze, optimize and improve your conversions and fix your exit clicks.

It’s a no brainer tool to use with a free plan. It has a quick and easy install as well as the additional features like visitor recording, polls and a lot more. HotJar is the all-in-one industry standard I use regularly for my client’s conversion optimization.

Niles Koenigsberg

Digital Marketing Specialist - FiG Advertising + Marketing

To further improve the customer experience for our client websites, we use Hotjar for heat-mapping purposes at our digital marketing agency. We prefer to use this heat-mapping software over other providers because of a handful of reasons.

✓ Hotjar
Hotjar allows us to understand the behaviors of our site users and get their feedback through their array of helpful tools. Aside from the heat maps, Hotjar can also leverage anonymized session recordings to provide even clearer insights to the behaviors of our customers. This feature can be incredibly helpful, as they can show you where individual users get stuck, u-turn, and abandon your site. Hotjar can additionally include surveys and polls on site to ask users quick questions about their experiences and receive fast feedback to continuously improve the user experience.

We also greatly appreciate this resource because there is no steep learning curve with Hotjar. Far too many analytics tools make their insights overly complicated and their products can be difficult to understand. Hotjar, on the other hand, is incredibly easy to set-up with thanks to a single tracking code snippet that must be installed on your website. The software presents the data and insights in visual ways that are easy to understand, so that even our clients can see what’s wrong with our site design.

And finally, we subscribe to Hotjar because is the most affordable heat-mapping software on the market. Hotjar basic is free to use forever and their paid plans are very reasonably priced, especially when you consider how many features and powerful tools you get with this software. Every agency and every small business can get on board with this service easily and for a nice price point.

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