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Hotjar 2024 Review

Hotjar is a powerful tool that reveals the online behavior and voice of your users. By combining both Analysis and Feedback tools, Hotjar gives you the ‘big picture’ of how to improve your site’s user experience and performance/conversion rates. Voted #1 in conversion rate software and #1 in heatmap software.


  • Visualize the behavior of your website visitors via click, move and scroll heatmaps.
  • Replay sessions of real site visitors.
  • Conversion funnels to understand where your visitors are dropping off.


  • Forever free plan to collect data up to 2,000 pageviews per day.
  • Paid plans starts from US$29 per month.

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Find out what each expert had to say about Hotjar.

Kevin Orbach

CEO - in-house studio
✓ Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics recently started offering heatmaps through its Chrome Extension. Since Google Analytics is nearly universally installed on websites, most marketers already have access to these heatmaps, without signing up for any additional services. It’s already built in.✓ HotjarHotjar is another great tool for heatmaps. They have a free plan, but it’s really best at enterprise level. I can appreciate its qualitative approach to data, not as much of a barrage of information like Google Analytics. Information is curated, and care is taken to visually display importance. Hotjar also offers recordings of sessions (GDPR/CDPA compliant), which Google does not, and it builds behavioral conversion funnels. They also tack on features like surveys and feedback polls, but those definitely take backseat.✓ Lucky OrangeA third option is LuckyOrange. LuckyOrange is a really user-friendly, affordable competitor that has a real cult following among smaller e-commerce stores. It takes the ease of use of Google and the user-friendly data of Hotjar, and products a straightforward, easy-to-understand product. LuckyOrange is a great tool for those just getting their feet wet.

Allan Borch

Founder - Dotcom Dollar

✓ Hotjar
Great for click/mouse movement heat maps. It’s affordable and really easy to use, I can set up a heatmap in less than a minute. You also get incredible customer support. If you ever have an issue, they are easy to find and contact AND they are incredibly fast to respond.

Here are some great features from Hotjar.

Categorizes heatmaps according to device type. As you click through each one of those, the preview adjusts so you can see exactly what those device types are seeing.
Allows for visitor recording so you can literally watch a movie of how your visitor is moving through your site. It’s incredibly enlightening.

Tracks sales funnels and allows users to see “step by step” what the dropoff is. Great for finding those leaky points in your funnel!

Bottom line: Hotjar is an easy-to-use software that offers a number of heat mapping features at an affordable cost.

Mason Culligan

Founder and CEO - Mattress Battle Inc.

✓ Hotjar
The CRO tool that I use for my business and would recommend for other digital marketers is Hotjar.

Hotjar’s visual heatmaps helped me tremendously in understanding how my visitors are interacting and navigating my website, which are keys to converting traffic to sales. By having this knowledge, these heatmaps enabled me to determine if my CTAs and valuable contents are not being accessible to visitors— which are vital elements in conversion.

Assessing the “hot” and “cold” elements of your website through Hotjar’s heatmaps open an opportunity for redesign. You’ll be able to use these heatmaps to restructure your website to more efficient placements— a surefire way to increase your conversion rate.

Jacob Rosenberg

CEO / Founder - Tajima Direct

In the last 6 months, our company has been hugely focused on our website UX and UI to understand where customers were dropping off, what they were seeing, and ultimately how to drive more people further through the funnel.

✓ Hotjar
The single best tool we found was HotJar for a few reasons. The first wis their heatmap software, which allows us to view for any page on our site, the heatmaps and scrollmaps to see where our users are clicking and how far down the page users are making it before moving on to the following page.

It truly allowed us to optimize the customer flow by doubling down on information on later pages through the funnel that we thought were necessary for the consumer, but that we found they weren’t seeing most of the time on the early pages where we initially had put the information. The other reason HotJar proved to be so impactful for us was the use of their recording features.

Essentially, they track users on targeted pages of your site (that you target) so you can watch how they interact and engage with their site again to learn what might cause them to drop off and where the bottlenecks in the UX are.

Niles Koenigsberg

Digital Marketing Specialist - FiG Advertising + Marketing

To further improve the customer experience for our client websites, we use Hotjar for heat-mapping purposes at our digital marketing agency. We prefer to use this heat-mapping software over other providers because of a handful of reasons.

✓ Hotjar
Hotjar allows us to understand the behaviors of our site users and get their feedback through their array of helpful tools. Aside from the heat maps, Hotjar can also leverage anonymized session recordings to provide even clearer insights to the behaviors of our customers. This feature can be incredibly helpful, as they can show you where individual users get stuck, u-turn, and abandon your site. Hotjar can additionally include surveys and polls on site to ask users quick questions about their experiences and receive fast feedback to continuously improve the user experience.

We also greatly appreciate this resource because there is no steep learning curve with Hotjar. Far too many analytics tools make their insights overly complicated and their products can be difficult to understand. Hotjar, on the other hand, is incredibly easy to set-up with thanks to a single tracking code snippet that must be installed on your website. The software presents the data and insights in visual ways that are easy to understand, so that even our clients can see what’s wrong with our site design.

And finally, we subscribe to Hotjar because is the most affordable heat-mapping software on the market. Hotjar basic is free to use forever and their paid plans are very reasonably priced, especially when you consider how many features and powerful tools you get with this software. Every agency and every small business can get on board with this service easily and for a nice price point.

Muhammad Farasat Khan

✓ Hotjar
Hotjar is one powerful tool for generating heatmaps and screen recordings. By using Hotjar it is easier to validate our efforts we put into CTA placement and A/B testing of landing pages we create for our users. These are just a few implications of Hotjar for us but there is much more that you can achieve with this CRO tool.

✓ Google Tag Manager
GTM is a smart and easy solution to event tracking. For monitoring our conversion events we use Conversion Linker in GTM for measuring the conversions each call to action on our page is generating. This becomes very effective in validating the impact our CTA is generating in one place. When you are aware of the impact of each CTA then it becomes easier to justify their placement.

Darjan Hren

Comversion Optimization Consultant -

✓ Hotjar
There’s no way around it HotJar is the go-to heatmap tool to get your visitor analytics. The heatmap data you get will help you easily analyze, optimize and improve your conversions and fix your exit clicks.

It’s a no brainer tool to use with a free plan. It has a quick and easy install as well as the additional features like visitor recording, polls and a lot more. HotJar is the all-in-one industry standard I use regularly for my client’s conversion optimization.

Jack Cornwall

Head of Data & Insights - Blueclaw

✓ Google Analytics
Tells you where to look for your opportunities:
Which pages have the highest exit rate?
On what pages would increasing conversion rate by 1% make the most difference to your bottom line.
If you have your tracking set up correctly you can very easily extract the data needed to answer these questions and get you started on a data-driven approach to website optimisation.

✓ Hotjar
Also has a free tier:
This allows you to survey your users (letting them tell you what you could change to make your content more useful)
Heatmaps allow you to see what users are using on your site and what elements they aren’t noticing.
Session recording allows you to see where users are getting stuck and where the friction is in your conversion process.

✓ Google Optimize
The above tools will help you generate loads of ideas of what you want to test out. You shouldn’t just let your gut guess at what is going to work. Actually test it and let science tell you what will definitely work. Optimize allows you to test multiple pages very easily (without having to get developers involved) and it will tell you mathematically what is the best variation.

Peter Prabhu

Director, E-Commerce - Interstice Consulting

✓ Hotjar
We use Hotjar for most of our clients. The program installs easily, is quick, and has great free options (they run a freemium model). It includes heat maps, user session recordings, and popup surveys. It takes the analytics to a deeper level. The user session recordings, in particular, can help to identify usability problems which would otherwise go unreported as frustrated users leave the site.

Denny Putsh

Chief Editor - Hitting the Golf Ball

✓ Hotjar
Looking at a Hotjar heatmap almost feels like cheating. You can do A/B testing all day, but you will never win against someone who is testing their website with a heatmap. It gives you A/B tests a brain that most others don’t have in their tests. Also, you actually get to understand what about an A/B test worked and what didn’t.

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