Best Online Logo Design Tools 2024 – Voted By 29 Experts

Do you want to create a new logo design for your business?

A logo design is an important part of your brand identity. However, not everyone has graphic design skills in-house to design a logo. Luckily, there are multiple online logo design tools available to create a logo without these skills.

We have reached out to 29+ experts and asked them: which online logo design tools would you recommend others to use and why?

These are the ones that they recommend you to use.

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Top 10 Logo Design Tools 2024

1. Canva (16 votes)

Canva is a graphic design platform. It allows you to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content by using an easy drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts.

2. Hatchful by Shopify (4 votes)

Shopify is one platform with all the ecommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run, and grow your business. Hatchful by Shopify is a free logo maker tool to generate custom design logos in minutes.

2. Wix Logo Maker (4 votes)

Wix provides cloud-based web development services. With Wix Logo Maker, you can design a logo that looks exactly the way you want. Each logo is completely customizable, so you can change the font, color, size, text etc.

4. Looka (3 votes)

Looka’s AI-powered platform can help you to design a logo, make a website, and build a brand you love. It was previously named Logojoy and is 100% free to use.

4. Tailor Brands (3 votes)

Tailor Brand helps you to develop a unique brand identity for your business with their customized branding tools.

6. Placeit (2 votes)

Placeit offers unlimited downloads on all their 30k templates. You can make make a logo, video, mockup, flyer, business card and social media image in seconds right from your browser.

6. Fiverr (2 votes)

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. Their website helps you to find the perfect freelancce services for your business, including graphic design, digital marketing, web development etc.

6. (2 votes)

Logo Maker is an online logo maker tool. Trusted by 20M+ businesses, their online logo maker makes it easy to find the best logo for your business.

6. 99designs (2 votes)

99designs is a global creative platform for custom graphic design. Think logos, websites and more. Via their marketing place you can hire a talented designer or start a design contest.

10. BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd is an online logo maker tool. It allows you to make a logo design online and browse thousands of their premium logos.

If you like to have a bit more flexibility in your logo creation, Canva would be a great option. Their graphic design platform is raved by many of our experts, and they even offer an easy logo maker. This logo maker is a great start to your logo, and you will be able to adjust things by using the easy-to-use Canva interface.

Second, you will be able to use dedicated logo makers like Hatchful, Wix or BrandCrowd. They will give you access to a large range of logo design templates, which you can easily update with your business name.

If you’d like access to a professional graphic designer, you can use graphic design marketplaces like Fiverr, 99designs or DesignCrowd. If you don’t have graphic design skills in-house, this would be a great option to get a custom made logo design.

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Kenny Trinh

CEO - Netbooknews
✓ UcraftUcraft is a simple and easy logo design tool that everyone can use. Ucraft is a website builder that comes with a logo design tool that you can use. So all you need to do to create your logo is drag and drop icons and designs and you’re good to go.✓ Tailor BrandsTailor Brands is a unique logo design tool that focuses on personalization. You can use this tool and customize logos the normal way or you could use its special quiz feature where the app itself will create the logo for you. All you need to do is answer the questions in the quiz and Tailor Brands will create a logo that’s best for your answers. Think of the app as a tailor measuring your body so that it can create the best suit for you. But instead of suits, they’re making logos.

Stacy Caprio

Blogger - Deals Scoop

✓ Canva
I would recommend Canva as a logo design tool for any business owner or creative designer to use. Canva is great because it gives you the tools you need to rearrange text and graphics you already have, as well as free and paid options for commercial use text and graphics as well. You can easily format and design a logo and other creative materials using the Canva interface, and it is a great tool to use for logo design.

Anh Trinh

CEO - GeekWithLaptop

✓ Looka
Looka is probably what the future of logo design would look like; automated and easy. Looka relies on artificial intelligence to design your logos. All you need to do is set the parameters and information it needs and Looka will do the rest. Its probably one of the best logo design tools to use if you lack artistic talents.

✓ Wix
Wix Logo Maker is a good logo design tool for beginners. Just like Wix itself, you can drag and drop icons, colors, and designs to your logo. You can also choose logos from templates and design or edit them from there. If you want something fast and don’t require much technical expertise, then you might want to try out Wix logo Maker.

Tomas Mertens

Owner & CEO - Solitaire Paradise

✓ Hatchful
I always create logos with Hatchful. After selecting a category and a visual style, it automatically generates a wide choice of logos. I can further edit and tweak each of these logos. The tool is really easy to use and best of all, it’s completely free. Other online logo design tools often charge a fee for downloading the high-resolution version of your logo, but Hatchful doesn’t!

John Donnachie

Director - ClydeBank Media

✓ Canva
If you’re making your logo yourself and you don’t have an abundance of graphic design skill I really like Canva. It’s a nearly foolproof online design platform with awesome templates and a huge library of stock photos and graphic assets.

The software is designed for people who have a lot of great ideas but don’t always have the design talent to see them through. Everything is really intuitive and the software works really well. Use it for your logo and you’ll be hooked. Pricing is really reasonable for a single account but the price does increase sharply if you bring a team on board.

Kate Obert

CEO/Founder, Brand Strategist at Kate Obert - Kate Obert

✓ Canva
If you’re needing to create a logo on your own, maybe you’re a new entrepreneur, & can’t afford a designer (or probably don’t need to yet) Canva is an excellent tool! I would pay the $12.99 for Canva Pro for the month so you have access to every font they offer, along with designs and the ability to download with a transparent background. If you ever need to resize the logo, there’s a resize tool where you don’t have to start over again. If you’re a beginner, chances are your business will evolve within the first 6-12 months so this is the perfect way to bootstrap until you’ve got social proof, proof of concept & seeing what you might change (like possibly your name) before hiring a professional!

Simonas Steponaitis

CMO at - HostingWiki

✓ Renderforest
I totally recommend using Renderforest. It gives you options to choose from. You can download the logo in .png, .jpeg and other formats. It’s as if you tell the designer what to do and it takes less effort from you. Both free and paid plans work greatly

✓ Canva
Canva gives you a blank space to fill with your imagination. If you need a hint, just tweak their templates and your logo is good to go. I’ve used their free plan and it’s pretty much satisfactory.

Jacob Beckstead

Director of Marketing - Bailey’s Moving & Storage

✓ 99designs
I use 99Designs to crowd source designers for a relatively small fee. As a design contest site, I have on multiple occasions used the site to run a contest with a small prize given to the designer that presents me with a logo that fits me best. Instead of paying a single designer hundreds or thousands of dollars to work out something for me specifically, I can access ideas from designers all over the world for a fraction of the price. Instead of designing it myself – which I have done as well – I much prefer this option. If a small business needs a branding pack but can’t afford a designer – this is a great option.

Lastly, I would recommend to your readers that they avoid generic logo designs which are not able to be trademarked. It’s easy to see a design that looks good, but is still generic.

Anna Barker

Founder - LogicalDollar

✓ Logogenie
The logo design tool that I always recommend, especially to fellow website owners, is Logogenie. The range it offers is huge, with thousands of combinations of logos, fonts and colors. I’m always impressed at how professional their designs look, making them perfect for anyone wanting to make sure their brand is at the highest standard it can be.

There’s a small fee to download the logo you end up choosing, although this is very reasonable given how widely you will likely be using this logo once you’ve purchased it.

For anyone (like me!) who doesn’t have the creativity or design skills to make your own logo, I can’t recommend Logogenie highly enough.

Syed Usman Hashmi

Digital Marketing Strategist - PureVPN

✓ Canva
There are a variety of tools I use to design creatives, social media posts, and banners, but out of all I recommend everyone to use Adobe Illustrator and Canva for their variety of benefits. Canva is an online logo Design tool while Illustrator needs you to install its software on PC.

Explanation: Canva has a variety of great features with built-in templates and most of its fonts and graphics are free so they don’t require any subscription to use.

Its preset sizes let you design automatically without spending much time on thinking of the specific dimensions.

Most importantly Canva automatically saves your designs on the cloud, so that you don’t need to worry about the hard disk space that a particular creative acquires and can be accessed from any devices no matter wherever you are.

Peter Koch

Graphic Designer - DollarSanity

✓ Canva
It has everything you need to design a logo and it is absolutely free. Canva is easy to use, an online-based tool you can access from anywhere and anytime. All you need is an internet connection.

It might sound as non-professional but you’d be surprised how many logos are designed in Canva.

Jacob J. Sapochnick

Founder - Law Offices of Jacob J. Sapochnick

Creating the perfect logo is a difficult endeavour. I myself had a hard time making and designing my own logo. So what I did was I researched which tool would be perfect logos to help me design a logo that I wanted. There are a lot of software and tools out there in the market. And since I was a novice in designing my logo I wanted a tool that is easy to use, dependable, and equipped with all the how-to guides to help me shape the design that I really wanted that catches the eyes of my target audiences.

According to the findings, memorable logos are 13 percent more likely to get consumers’ attention, 7 percent more likely to make them want to learn more about the brand, and 6 percent more likely to suggest a company is more unique than others in its category.

Below are the top three 3 Logo Design I used to help me design my logo:

✓ Hatchful
This tool is very easy to use. It comes with a lot of free templates to choose from. Choose from a variety of colors, styles, icons, and fonts. And you can design your logos in seconds while incorporating what you want your logo to look like.

✓ LogoMaker
This tool comes with professionally designed sample logos to choose from. You can choose from 10,000 different designs to integrate with your logo. You can create your design in less than 10 minutes even if you don’t have any design experience.

✓ Designhill
This tool is absolutely free and you can design your logos in less than five minutes. You only have to pay when you have to download the design that you want to use. They 70,000 plus designs to choose from. So you can design your logos fast and easy.

Ashley Sterling

Director of Operations - The Loop Marketing

There are a lot of great graphic tools out there and easily accessible. Graphic design can be complicated, but if you have an exact vision for a logo, you no longer need advanced graphic design skills to bring it to life.

✓ Canva
I highly recommend Canva as an online logo design tool.
Why? Available on mobile and desktop, Canva has an incredible range of graphic capabilities. From logo creation, to flyer design, they offer easy-to-use templates and downloading capabilities. You can layer graphics, change fonts, and update the size of the logo for various platforms (wordpress, social media, youtube thumbnails, etc). This tool takes no time to learn, and offers different file types to send to your team, upload onto Wix, or add to a t-shirt.

David Sandy

Digital Marketer - David Sandy Official

✓ Tailor Brands
Tailor Brands is my top choice when it comes to logo design and is where I got my own logo created for my own business. It’s a super easy step-by-step process that you can go through to create a new logo for your business. All you have to do is enter in your business name, choose your color and font preferences, and the tool gives you multiple logos to choose from.

✓ Logo Garden
With Logo Garden, you can create your logo on a grid layout and customize the size, shape, and font.

✓ Design Mantic
Finally, Design Mantic allows you to create simple logos for free with your business name and a symbol or you can purchase a premium logo to be made by a designer.

Rick Wallace

Founder - Tackle Village

✓ Looka
This AI-based logo design tool has been used by more than 3 million businesses. Looka allows you to enter the type of industry your business is in and comes up with sample designs. You then choose five of these as indicative designs, select a colour scheme and enter your company name and Looka does the rest. It comes up with long list of potential designs, that you can then customise further. Once you’ve settled on a design, you can buy a logo package costing either $20 or $65 or $80 depending on requirements.

Dave Hoch

Co-founder -

✓ Canva
I’m a big fan of for a quick and easy online logo design tool. I’ve used it for many years and the user interface is easy to wrap your brain around. The editor is a drag and drop interface and is made for “non-graphics-designers.” Canva also has a library of images, shapes, color palettes, and graphics that you can simply incorporate into your design. Best of all, you can export images in a variety of formats (like jpegs and PNGs) with predetermined compression levels. You can share your newly created work with social media apps and communications tools like Slack, FB Group, MailChimp, Pinterest, etc. Lastly, Canva has the option to order printed materials like business cards, directly on their website.

Muhammad Ammar Shahid

Digital Marketing Executive - SuperHeroCorp

✓ Tailor Brand
Making a logo on Tailor Brand doesn’t need any expertise, because it guides you step by step to make a good logo for your brand. When you land on the homepage of Tailor Brand, it simply asks you to tap the name of your brand and from where your journey of making a logo begins.

✓ Canva
Almost every other person knows the name of this tool because of its simple, easily accessible, and useful features. The competitive advantage of using Canva for making your logo is that you’ll get most of the designs free of cost.

✓ Logo Maker
Placing this tool on the third number doesn’t mean that this is less good than others. If you want to make something really unique, that joins your brand name and tagline all together, then make your logo using Logo Maker. It works easily, gives you thousands of options to choose a stunning design, and ultimately gives you a high-quality output to use.

Nicco Schaal


Designing logos goes back to 2008 when I first started to acquire domain names. Since then, I have created hundreds of logos, with the intent to attract buyers looking for the right website address.

To do this, I have used, because of the tremendous versatile and professional software of Art Text, so perfect for logo design.

It is effortless to use, and the purchase price is also very affordable.
Art Text offers a large variety of effects, forms, and styles, plus many fonts, headings, choice of shapes, colors, and size variations that I have not seen in any other software. It’s also very easy to use on my Apple Mac.

Zohe Mustafa

Chief Growth Officer - Growth Hakka

✓ Placeit
Best Tool is Placeit. You can create any type of mock up there and not just logos! It works with Smart templates so you can get literally 100s of ideas in minutes. Its time saving and goes further than humans limited imaginations. You can choose from templates related to your industry and it literally creates multiple options in minutes. You can further customise the logo you like from there.

✓ Canva
An alternative is This is less smart and less automated but again there are hundreds of templates, tools and fonts to choose from. This is for people who want some more control over their design. But I reckon if you were to try both you would soon realise Place it is the way to go

✓ Wix
Another good one is Wix Logo Maker. Its a more recognisable brand vs Place it. Wix are known for their website creator which creates slick, gorgeous eye candy websites. They applied their knowledge of design and what actually looks good to logo creation!

Scot J Chrisman

Founder and CEO - The Media House

✓ Wix
This, by far, is the best logo maker I have ever used. It makes sure that you’ll get the logo you want by asking for your input and doing the work for you by matching it through their system. They even ask you about your industry you’re in, just to make sure that what you’ll get will be well-suited for your brand. In just a few clicks, you’re guaranteed to get a logo that’s close to what you have in mind.

✓ Placeit
This is a close second to Wix Logo Maker. It lets you choose your industry and your color palette in order to give the best possible logo. Customization is also available if there are details which you don’t like on their suggested design. After all, it’s your logo, so it’s your rules.

✓ Canva
Canva is an online graphic design tool that’s so intuitive, even beginners can use it and come up with a decent logo in minutes. Templates are available and free elements to choose from are numerous. If you want advanced features, there is a paid version of this tool. However, for most people, the free version does the job.

Raymer Malone

Owner - High Income Protection Insurance Agency

✓ 99designs
I’m far from a graphic designer so when it comes to designing logos, I go to the pros.

99designs is by far the easiest way to get an affordable, professionally designed logo.

It works like this: You create a profile of your design which is what you’re looking for, the specs, the style, etc.

If you know exactly what you want, you can hire a designer directly. If not (and I rarely do), you can run a contest. This will allow you to see a lot of different ideas and concepts and you get to select the one that fits your needs the best.

It’s super simple, reasonably priced, and a great way to get a professionally designed logo without getting a college degree in graphic design.

Bobby Kittleberger

Owner - Guitar Chalk Media LLC

✓ Inkscape
We used Inkscape to design Guitar Chalk’s logo. It’s pretty basic, but Inkscape is free and super powerful, particularly for things related manipulating text and building shapes.

✓ Canva
We’ve also used and recommended Canva, which is a browser-based graphics tool. Also free with some templates and plenty of open source graphical elements.

✓ MotionDen
For a moving YouTube intro, we’ve recently started using MotionDen, which costs about $9 per intro but is also very easy to use.

Nirmal Kumar

Blogger - OnlineRockersHub

✓ DesignEvo
I would recommend DesignEVO if you are looking for an online logo design tool because:

– Fully Customizable Editor: The fully customizable editor makes it easy to create designs with just drag and drop.

– Thousands of Templates: The tool has got thousands of templates. You can quickly pick one to create the logo of your choice.

– Millions of Icons: You can find millions of icons available there to include to your design. Thus reducing your workload and the need for professional graphic designers.

– Save your designs to cloud: No matter if your design got deleted from your computer or you missed it over the period, you need not worry about it. Because your designs are saved at DesignEvo and you can retrieve it whenever you want.

– Get started for free: If you are still not sure of using this, you can get started just for free.

Oliver Andrews

Owner - OA Design Services

Creating the perfect logo design is never an easy task. A professional logo design needs a lot of research, lots of iterations, and of course the right tools, almost always Adobe Illustrator CC, but if you’re in a hurry or just not on the budget, there are plenty of ways to do decent enough work online. So I would prefer the following 3 tools that I have used most of the time.

✓ Canva
Canva has been in the free design market for a while, offering free and paid templates for social media images, flyers, invitations, business cards, and more. With a little creativity, it doesn’t take much to give these free logo designs their unique flair and get a professional-looking logo at no cost.

✓ Free Logo Design
Free logo design makes it easy to create your free logo. Just type in your company name, choose from 20 different categories, the app will preview thousands of free logo templates. Make your custom changes to color, shape, and font, and download your design for free. To download the logo in high resolution, you must receive payment.

✓ Graphic Springs
Graphic Springs features a variety of templates to choose from in multiple categories. Enter your company name and slogan, choose your image category, choose your logo, and edit it with ease. Filter your options through new or popular logos. If you want a little more creative freedom with your logo design, start with the shapes and symbols, or use them to give your logo a decorative touch. Although the software is free to use, it costs to download your final design as PNG, SVG, or JPG. However, this comes with unlimited editions and downloads.

Blake Dan

Founder -

A logo can define a business. It can help your viewers identify your marketing angle and provide character to your business.

When it comes to online logo design tools, there are three main features to focus on. Firstly, you want a tool that offers flexibility and has enough customization. Secondly, you want something not overly complex, but not something too basic either. Thirdly, you want something for a reasonable price. Let’s break it down to the most popular picks.

✓ Looka
By far one of the most reasonably priced, effective, and customizable logo design tools is Looka. You can simply provide your company name and slogan (if want to include it in your logo) to begin.

You can select from thousands of different logos designs and icons you like the look of and it will start generating a base template for you. You then have full flexibility over fonts, and designs to generate something that truly represents your branding.

You are able to fully design your logo before making any payments at all, so it’s even great as a design tool to grab some great ideas before committing to anything. It’s reasonably priced, and its premium logo (at $65 USD) offers unlimited post-purchase changes. If you’re certain of your pick it’s only $20 USD for one PNG logo file.

✓ Wix
If you want a Simply but effective logo design tool without having to pay anything then Wix is the option for you. Although you can pay to download your logo in order to have full ownership, it does offer the ability for you to use the logo for free, as long as you abide by the terms and conditions of use.

Wix is a simple and effective logo design tool, which comes with impressive flexibility and design options considering it can generate your logos completely for free.

✓ Fiverr
If you want absolute customizability and professionally designed logos at any price point look no further than Fiver. Although this business has a range of services, you are able to get in contact with specific design artists from a huge portfolio that offer different specialties in design work.

From website logos to restaurants, to professional companies there is a real designer ready to help you make your masterpiece. However, if you prefer to design it yourself fully rather than have a professional design it for you the other options may be more suitable.

Go ahead, get creative, and design your new business logo with style!

Shayan Fatani

Digital Marketing Strategist - PureVPN

✓ Canva
I have found Canva to be the most user friendly tool out there. You do not need to be a designer to use the tool, all you have to do is drag and drop. It is free of gimmicks and comes with free stock templates that you can instantly use to create a logo and then simply download in high-resolution using JPG, PNG or PDF formats.

✓ Design Iconic
If you are looking for more advanced design features then Design Iconic is ideal because again, it is user friendly and is cheap considering the extra design features. Not to mention, you can use the tool for free and only pay once you are happy with the design. Besides stock templates, the tool has thousands of layout styles and diverse color concepts.

Neal Taparia

Co-Founder - Solitaired

✓ Canva
Canva is great. You can be up on their platform in seconds. They have dozens of templates with varies themes you can choose from to create your logo. It’s very simple to adjust background, text, and creative elements to the colors and size you want. You can create customized logos in minutes, where as some other easy to use logo creators do not allow customizations. It’s also easy to test different designs to have a comparison point and make your choice easier.

✓ Fiverr
For just $5 dollars, you can get professional designers to create a logo for you that high quality. If you don’t like it, they will revise it too. It’s a great value!

Ayushi Sharma

Business Consultant - iFour Technolab Pvt Ltd

According to research, it has found that the average person on a single day is exposed to over 2000 brand logos.

The logo is very essential as it the face of the organization. It works as a visual aid and identification for the customers to associate with the services of an organization. For example, looking at Google’s logo, one can instantly think of search. It can influence how you feel about the brand or company and its services.

Some essential things to consider while choosing an online logo design tool are:

– Logo design tools should be easy to use
– Some logo design tools are free and another charge to download a high-quality logo version. Choose a logo design tool as per your requirements.
– Many logo design tools are available online offering customization features such as drag and drop interfaces and other design elements.

Best Online Logo Design tool:

✓ Hatchful
Shopify is the trending eCommerce platform and it is dedicated to providing business owners with many helpful tools that they can use to grow their online revenues. Shopify has developed a simple online logo maker that comes with a large library of stock images that can be meshed together to create a unique and professional-looking logo. In addition to this, Hatchful is a well-designed interface for newbies and using that users can easily make a bunch of templates in just minutes. The logo can be further edited when required. Also, every downloadable logo package will contain images of different resolutions for business websites and social media accounts. Shopify offers free online logo design tools and only charges if the user wants a premium logo design.

✓ Canva
Canva is a very popular logo design tool among beginners and professionals both. This is a multipurpose design tool that helps to design logos from anything, ranging from Infographics, ads, and logos. There are a variety of logo designs available which attract a wide range of audience. Users can select their type of website and opt for the appropriate logo design. This can be further customized such as fonts to make it more appealing. Logo design is downloadable in PNG, JPG, and PDF. Though Canva is a free logo design tool if you want to explore more features such as professional icons, premium images, users need to pay $12.95 per month.

Joe Bailey

Business Development Consultant - My Trading Skills

✓ Hatchful
If you are a beginner in logo designing, this is the tool you want to use. It is easy to use, and you can create templates in just a few clicks. It is also free unless you want to use one of the premium templates.

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