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Quickbooks 2024 Review

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QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. Their products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.

Last update: 23 March 2023

About this review

This Quickbooks review is written based on the feedback of the accounting software experts that we interviewed.

We interviewed each one of them and ask them about their previous experience with accounting software and which one they recommend using. The ones listed in this article have specifically mentioned Quickbooks as one of their favorite tools.

The goal of all of this is to make it easier for you to find the right accounting software for your business.

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About Quickbooks

Quickbooks is an accounting software that helps businesses streamline their finances. It allows you to manage your accounts receivable, inventory, payroll and other financial tasks with ease.

Quickbooks also offers a range of reporting capabilities so you can stay on top of your business’s performance. With its user-friendly interface, Quickbooks makes it easy to keep track of your finances and make sound financial decisions.

The software is designed for small and medium businesses but can be scaled up as needed.

In addition to helping you better understand your business’s financial picture, Quickbooks helps automate bookkeeping tasks such as invoicing and tracking payments while freeing up time for more strategic work.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been running a successful business, Quickbooks packages offer a great fit.


How does Quickbooks compare to other similar programs?

When compared to other similar programs, Quickbooks stands out for its ease of use.

It makes the process of managing your finances simple and straightforward, which helps you save time and money.

Additionally, Quickbooks offers advanced features such as automated payment reminders, inventory management tools and an array of customizable reporting options.

The software also provides a variety of integration options so you can easily connect it to other applications and services. This allows businesses to better understand their financial picture and make more informed decisions about operations.

Pros and cons

What are some of the unique features that Quickbooks offers its users? Are there any drawbacks to using Quickbooks?

  • The software offers an array of features that make managing accounts receivable, inventory, payroll and other financial tasks easier than ever before.
  • Additionally, it provides powerful reporting tools to help you stay on top of your business’s performance and make informed decisions about operations.
  • Quickbooks also integrates with a variety of applications and services for an even more streamlined experience.
  • If you’re looking for an easy-to-use accounting solution that provides all the necessary features needed to successfully track expenses and manage profit and loss statements, then look no further than Quickbooks.
  • The software can become difficult to use as your business grows and requires more advanced features.
  • Additionally, many users have reported that the customer service team isn’t always helpful or responsive.
  • Also, some integrations may require additional fees or setup costs.


Should you use Quickbooks?

Overall, Quickbooks makes managing business finances easier than ever before with its user-friendly interface, powerful features and wide range of integrations.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive accounting solution or just need help tracking expenses, Quickbooks has you covered.

With its advanced capabilities, Quickbooks helps you streamline your finances and keep more of your profits.

What The Experts Say

Find out what each expert had to say about Quickbooks.

David Reischer

Business Lawyer -
✓ QuickbooksQuickbooks really is the best software available for a small business. The software is easy to use and can generate many different types of reports that are helpful to track and understand the financial health of the company. Quickbooks Pro costs $299.95 and can be downloaded on a single computer. Quickbooks Essentials is the online version that can be purchased for a monthly subscription fee of $40.

Alex Williams

Website Builder and Owner - Hosting Data UK

✓ QuickBooks
At Hosting Data, an online web hosting comparison site for UK users, we use Quickbooks Online for all our accounting needs.

Quickbooks is a great, cloud-based service offering both accounts receivable and accounts payable features, with an easy to use mobile app, it can be accessed at the tip of your finger. Being able to create and issue an invoice from your phone is extremely useful as a small tech business working with other small to medium sized businesses.

QuickBooks offers a one-month free trial which was really great when trying out various accounting software options. As your business grows, QuickBooks offers a tier-based service plan to provide the level of support you require over the years, it’s great value and dependable which is paramount to a small business.

✓ FreeAgent
FreeAgent is aimed at freelancers and very small businesses meaning it has slightly fewer features compared to Quickbooks. FreeAgent can support tasks such as invoicing, time tracking, and expense management, all available via the cloud. It is slightly more expensive than Quickbooks with less functionality.

✓ Wave
Wave Accounting provides a totally free option, offering high level invoicing, accounting, and receipt scanning, with additional services including payroll on a pay-as-you-need type basis. Wave Accounting was pretty good considering it’s free of charge, but it offers no reporting function with HMRC meaning there was some manual processing involved.

Sarah Cissna

Event Producer - The Side Lobby

✓ QuickBooks Simple Start
I originally was using QuickBooks Self-Employed in conjunction with my husband who is a freelancer, but it was difficult to separate out just my business’s transactions from our collective transactions, which was frustrating in terms of running reports. I switched to Simple Start with just my business accounts at the start of calendar year 2019 and had a much easier time reporting and tracking throughout the year. I also use the invoicing and payment features. I wish it was more intuitive to create invoices ahead of time to be sent at later dates, but I’m slowly figuring it out.