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Shopify 2024 Review

Shopify is one platform with all the ecommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run, and grow your business. You can sell products to anyone, anywhere: online with your ecommerce store, online marketplaces, and social media, and in-person with point of sale. Voted #1 in ecommerce platforms.


  • Sell online with an ecommerce website.
  • Sell on social media, online marketing places and more.
  • Fulfill orders quickly and accurately.
  • Accept any payment, and get paid quickly.


  • Free 14-day trial.
  • Paid plans start from US$29/month.

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Shopify Reviews

Find out what each expert had to say about Shopify.

Bailey Hahn

SEM Strategist - Summit Digital Marketing
✓ ShopifyWe work very closely with many different clients using multiple e-commerce based website platforms. In my experience, the most easy-to-use platform is Shopify. Shopify is great for e-commerce marketing through ppc and seo. Also, it is very user-friendly and makes adding new pages and products a breeze! Shopify also has the cleanest apps that help website performance. For example, the Google Shopping app with Shopify allows you to set up Google Shopping Ads within minutes. I highly recommend Shopify for all e-commerce businesses!

Ayushi Sharma

Business Consultant - iFour Technolab Pvt Ltd

According to research, it has found that the average person on a single day is exposed to over 2000 brand logos.

The logo is very essential as it the face of the organization. It works as a visual aid and identification for the customers to associate with the services of an organization. For example, looking at Google’s logo, one can instantly think of search. It can influence how you feel about the brand or company and its services.

Some essential things to consider while choosing an online logo design tool are:

– Logo design tools should be easy to use
– Some logo design tools are free and another charge to download a high-quality logo version. Choose a logo design tool as per your requirements.
– Many logo design tools are available online offering customization features such as drag and drop interfaces and other design elements.

Best Online Logo Design tool:

✓ Hatchful
Shopify is the trending eCommerce platform and it is dedicated to providing business owners with many helpful tools that they can use to grow their online revenues. Shopify has developed a simple online logo maker that comes with a large library of stock images that can be meshed together to create a unique and professional-looking logo. In addition to this, Hatchful is a well-designed interface for newbies and using that users can easily make a bunch of templates in just minutes. The logo can be further edited when required. Also, every downloadable logo package will contain images of different resolutions for business websites and social media accounts. Shopify offers free online logo design tools and only charges if the user wants a premium logo design.

✓ Canva
Canva is a very popular logo design tool among beginners and professionals both. This is a multipurpose design tool that helps to design logos from anything, ranging from Infographics, ads, and logos. There are a variety of logo designs available which attract a wide range of audience. Users can select their type of website and opt for the appropriate logo design. This can be further customized such as fonts to make it more appealing. Logo design is downloadable in PNG, JPG, and PDF. Though Canva is a free logo design tool if you want to explore more features such as professional icons, premium images, users need to pay $12.95 per month.

Jared Prince

Founder - Muir Way

✓ Shopify
I created in 2013 on the Shopify Ecommerce platform and have highly recommended it to other entrepreneurs. I completely designed the website myself using one of their paid templates with no prior web building experience. They have informative guides to help you along with the process, along with apps to optimize your website. All the software that I use, such as Klaviyo, JustUno, and Stamped work seamlessly with it. If you ever have a problem with your website, it is easy to hire a Shopify Expert to help you out. Shopify even has easy to access Capital Funding for established stores which I have accessed in the past. I can’t imagine a better platform to get started quickly on and scale your business to the highest level.

William Chin

Web Consultant -

✓ osCommerce
Firstly, the e-Commerce website builder that we use at is OScommerce. This out of the box (but highly customizable) platform allows for easy integrations for payment gateways like Paypal, sagepay and G2pay. However, unlike many other platforms it allows you to almost completely customize your theme, layout and checkout experience – which makes this useful for more tech savvy business owners. OScommerce, is built for those technological savvy business owners that either:
A) have to integrate with a lot of different platforms like ERP or CRMs;
B) Want complete control over their web stack.

✓ Magento
If you want something that’s a little less technical, but has a degree of customization built into the framework – I would go with Magento. This platform is fairly robust all around, allows for a degree of customization when it comes to layout and theme, can integrate fairly well with many ERP / CRM systems, but can work right out of the box. Some drawbacks are; the theme is very difficult to tweak and if you want customization like OScommerce, it will take some fancy PHP work to make that a reality.

✓ Shopify
If you want everything done for you, (from payments to checkout experience and logistics) – Shopify is will be your best friend. Really scaling up, Shopify is one of the only eCommerce platforms that offer you every single feature that you would need. You do not need any technical skills, design skills or even need to build the store – they’ll do it for you! The drawback is, Shopify enterprise pricing can be as high as $5,000 USD or more in some cases. Also, at the end of the day – you don’t own any of the actual platform stack which means you’re stuck with them until you migrate off their platform.

Nick Flint

Owner/CEO - Pure Cut Supplements

✓ Shopify
I use Shopify to build and host my website for a few different reasons. They are hands down the leaders in the D2C space, and they just recently passed 1 million stores hosted on their platform. The setup is straightforward and simple, with plenty of resources on their site to help out. SInce it is so popular and widely used, many other resources out there (such as courses, YouTube videos, or blogs) will reference Shopify and give actionable tips on how to use the platform. Shopify also has always been quick to respond to any questions I’ve had through their live chat function. The one downside is that while there are a wide variety of useful apps on there, most of them you have to pay for. They range from $10-$100+ a month, but most do offer free trials for you to test them out.

Anuj Dalal

Founder & CEO - Zestard Technologies

✓ Shopify
I think everyone heart about the Shopify platform since it is one of the world’s most recognizable eCommerce platforms. More than 100K websites are built with Shopify and made more than $155 billion USD in sales. One of the best features of Shopify is that all payments are handled directly through the platform. It’s pricing plans range suit to every size of business to run their eCommerce journey.

Reason to Use Shopify:
All popular payment gateways supported
Support Multi-channel i.e offline, online
Support Multiple Language

✓ Squarespace
Squarespace is one of well known and industry leader eCommerce website builders because it shares 19% global market share. One of the reasons to choose Squarespace is anyone can build a creative and appealing eCommerce store regardless of technical skill.

It has a wide range of award-winning templates that are designed for an only eCommerce store. Product and inventory management is more advanced than any of the other eCommerce platforms.

Reason to Use Squarespace:
Manage and Edit your store with mobile app
Change the template at any point without losing content
No Transaction Fees

✓ Volusion
Volusion is popular among eCommerce store owners because it has many features built directly into the dashboard. The platform is using well-known companies such as 3M, Slickwraps, and Intel. Volusion gives you almost everything you might require to launch your online store and start selling products..

Reason to Use Volusion:
Can Easily be Customized
24/7 Support via Live Chat and Phone
More Selection of Templates

Erico Franco

Inbound marketing manager - Agencia de Marketing Digital

✓ Shopify
Of all the website builders for e-commerce I’ve tried so far Shopify is the best. It has a clean and easy to use interface.. In addition to providing a wide variety of free, responsive and attractive templates. You can easily extend Shopify functionality thanks to a huge variety of third-party apps (many of which are paid for.) Plus Shopify comes with a built-in blog that helps a lot in creating SEO content. You can also easily create AMP versions of product pages (Ultra-fast mobile pages). IOS and Android apps are provided to allow you to manage your store from anywhere. You can try Shopify 2 weeks to see if you like its page builder. If you don’t want to use the creator you can buy an existing Shopify store using their Marketplace.

Dustin Vann

Owner & CEO - Trusy Social

✓ Shopify
Shopify has been an incredible platform to launch and grow our eCommerce business. The default features are solid, and its architecture makes it both flexible, yet simple, with the ability to make it more complicated and advanced as you grow the company. The pick and play and pay-as-you-go nature allow us to easily put every decision about adding functionality and features into an ROI calculation. Helping us make calculated business decisions. The customization capabilities of Shopify have allowed us to stitch together a mostly automated set of business and operational processes – which saves us money and time. Allowing us to scale without putting additional pressure on the business or our resources.

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