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Sprout Social 2023 Review

Sprout Social lets you understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with an all-in-one social media management platform built for connection. Voted #2 in social media management tools.


  • Plan, organize and deliver social content with cross-network scheduling.
  • Track campaign performance and respond to incoming messages quickly.
  • Evaluate outcomes with customizable reporting tools.


  • Free 30-day trial available.
  • Standard package starts from US$99 per month.

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Find out what each expert had to say about Sprout Social.

Tommia Hayes

Senior Manager of Communications - Community Health Charities
✓ Sprout SocialThis tool is great for multiple reasons. It allows users to schedule posts, get in-depth data on social campaigns to create reports, provides competitor analysis, consumer research and trend research. Sprout social is a one-stop shop for digital marketers running social campaigns or just managing social channels.✓ HootsuiteHootsuite is a great tool to manage multiple social media channels at once, measure social results, and provides social listening tools. It also has an integration functionality, which connects apps to the dashboard that provides users tools to streamline processes, access better data and more. Hootsuite also has an academy that helps marketers stay on top of trends. Plus, HootSuite offers affordable plans for any size budget.

Aliza Sherman

Digital Marketing Strategist - Spark the Creative

✓ Buffer
I can manage messaging going out to multiple accounts including more than one Twitter account, LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn pages and also easily add posts and articles to a queue to publish over time. NOTE: I don’t use Buffer for Facebook or Instagram.

✓ Planoly
I’m able to not only prepare and schedule posts with graphics and text for Instagram using this tool, but I can drag and drop posts around to find the right placement to create a better aesthetic for each Instagram account I manage.

✓ Hootsuite
I tend to use Hootsuite more as a listening post although it also has post creation and scheduling features and the ability to manage multiple accounts with your team.

✓ Sprout Social
For more robust client social media management needs, I manage post creation, scheduling, monitoring and social conversations using this tool. It’s more of a Swiss Army Knife for social media management.

Skylar Whitney

Social Media Strategist - Dittoe Public Relations

✓ Sprout Social
We wholeheartedly recommend using Sprout Social for the day-to-day social media management tasks, including social listening, scheduling and reporting.

For the past 3 years, our firm has leveraged this platform in ways that continue to impress both our social media client roster and our more traditional PR clients by offering insights in real time on various campaigns and sharing optimal posting times across all social platforms.

Sprout Social also offers a variety of solutions based on business type, need or network and even provides a vast library of resources for its subscribers, including blog content aimed at improving the skills of social media managers. They’ve integrated with companies like Bambu, Simply Measured and Viral Post to deliver top tier service to their users. Additionally, their support team is knowledgeable and quick, jumping to action in support of your team whenever there is an issue.

Their engineering team constantly discovers new ways to improve the platform and workflow. The reports provided on this platform can be customized with your company or client logos and offer an in-depth analysis of each channel, along with competitor reports, trends reports, Google Analytics reports, internal team performance reports, post-performance reports and more.

Kimberly Phan

Senior Digital Strategist - Antenna

✓ Sprinklr
Sprinklr is the gold standard for social media management. Its social suite contains the most comprehensive and unified software that helps enterprises connect and serve their clients at any range. Their suite of products offers 5 modules for marketers: Modern Marketing, Modern Advertising, Modern Research, Modern Care, and Modern Engagement. It has the capabilities of publishing, community management, in-depth analytical reporting, team collaboration, and more. The AI-driven technology allows real-time insights to help increase customer satisfaction.

✓ Sprout Social
Sprout is a cost-effective system that has social media scheduling, monitoring, and reporting capabilities. One of the things that set Sprout apart from say, Hootsuite, is its reporting capabilities and how seamless it is to export their beautiful reports. They also have an incredible CRM tool (customer relationship management) that helps marketers serve their clients better.
Social Listening

✓ NetBase
NetBase’s social listening tool gives real-time insight into online and customer conversations. Its AI-driven technology determines audience sentiment, behaviors, hashtags, people, and brands from social conversations. Their platform delivers automated theme and helps brands capture consumer adjacencies earlier than competitors, leading to rapid ideation.

✓ Brandwatch
Brandwatch’s powerful social listening tool has the most extensive set of analytics and allows marketers to analyze discover insights within billions of conversations. Its data capturing capabilities allow marketers to hone in conversations and monitor mention volume, demographic data, image recognition, trending topics, segment data in relevant categories and react in real-time.

Maggie Ganley

Social Coordinator - Bozell

✓ Sprout Social
If you are managing multiple clients like me, an affordable, all-encompassing tool like Sprout Social is excellent to have in your arsenal. This software truly is a jack of all trades and allows us to schedule content, engage with comments and reviews, conduct reports and much, much more on behalf of our clients.

✓ Snapseed
If you don’t have an amazing creative team at your disposal like I do, you can take photos from blah to WOW with this free tool. Within minutes, the photo editing app allows you to make impactful edits to your photos and give them an added oomph. It’s free to use and is one of my personal favorites.

✓ Linktree
If you get frustrated with Instagram’s link in bio capabilities, Linktree is for you. It is a free, user-friendly link in bio tool that allows users to share multiple links in their Instagram bio. It makes managing Instagram a breeze.

✓ Canva
I’m fortunate to have a team full of talented graphic designers to fulfill most of our social graphics needs. However, for quick turnaround social graphics, I recommend utilizing Canva. With hundreds of templates to choose from, access to free stock photography and a wide selection of font options, this tool is graphic design made easy.

Samantha Edwardes

Digital Media Marketing Specialist - &co. pr

✓ Sprout Social
Sprout Social greatly assists in maintaining complete oversight over multiple social media accounts.The reports the platform provides are very comprehensive and the PDF downloads are easy to share with clients. The ability to track our hashtag analytics is my personal favorite feature, allowing us to further refine our strategy each month.

✓ Canva
Graphic design platform Canva is not only incredibly user-friendly, but includes a plethora of inspiring layouts. I use Canva multiple times a week, developing all sorts of branded content – engaging social media posts, themed Stories, and attractive, on-brand newsletters.

Andrei Vasilescu

Digital Marketing Specialist - DontPayFull

✓ Sprout Social
Sprout Social is a comprehensive and all-in-one social media management tool. This tool is made for understanding and reaching the audience, engaging the audience and measuring the overall performance of your social media contents. It empowers the users to easily control the content quality and posting schedule. Its amazing analytic features offer trend analysis, productivity management and versatile analytical reports in order to measure and control social media marketing efforts. The plans of Sprout Specialstart at $99 per user per month.

✓ Buffer
Buffer is considered to be a multipurpose social media management tool in the trade. This tool is a specialist for content scheduling across the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. with this tool, you can create, repurpose and schedule the contents according to different social platforms. Its multi-functional analytics dashboard allows tracking the performance of your social contents in real-time. You can customize your contents in any way you want with Buffer. Buffer’s plans come at$15, $65 and $99 per month along with its free version.

Beth Ryan

Chief Marketing Officer - RyTech LLC

✓ Sprout Social
My #1 tool is Sprout Social. It has resources for researching content to post, it allow for easy scheduling and repeated scheduling, and reporting on the success of those posts. Sprout Social is an essential tool for our social media team. Scheduling posts in advance with their calendar tool allows us to plan a strategy in advance, we can post a tweet to go 3x in the same week without any extra efforts. It saves us time and keeps our clients happy. The reporting from Sprout Social is extraordinary. We can easily load in the dates we want reporting from, and get all kinds of data in return. We can see which posts were seen by the most people and which posts caused our audience to take action. When we know more about our successful posts, we can recreate that content for the future. We can learn more about our audience and serve them better. Our business couldn’t do what we do without Sprout Social.

✓ Grammarly
Also, for any marketing role you need to have Grammarly. Grammarly checks your text as you’re writing on so many platforms. Whether you are in your email, scheduling social posts, responding to a comment – Grammarly is there to make suggestions. Unlike spell check that only works in a document, Grammarly is with you throughout the internet and keeps your writing looking good. I constantly encourage all of my coworkers to install Grammarly. Grammarly catches so many mistakes that I would have sent to clients.

Amanda Ruth Garcia

Content Marketing Specialist - Appetiser Apps

✓ eClincher
By far, this is my favourite out of all the tools I have used. It’s highly functional and crosses almost known all social media platforms. It also has additional features like content curation, social listening, analytics and automation among others. The only downside with this tool is that it’s a bit pricey compared with other social media management tools. But if you’re looking for a highly efficient all-in-one tool and willing to pay to cost, this one is it.

✓ Sprout Social
Coming in a close second is Sprout Social. Aside from the common features like scheduling and automation, itcomes with a really good social media listening tool with it. It offers trend analysis for hashtags and keywords as well. And it’s reasonably priced. So, if you’re looking for a much affordable alternative to eClincher, this is a consideration.

✓ BuzzSumo
When it comes to social listening, nothing beats this tool. Apart from providing you with valuable content which can help with ideation, it also allows you to search influencers within your industry who can boost your social media networking.

✓ Content Studio
When it comes to content curation, this tool is my go-to. Content Studio is a gold mine if you want to look for shareable content you can post on your social media channels.

Malte Scholz

Co-Founder - Airfocus

✓ Sprout Social
One tool that we love using for our social media management is Sprout Social. It has all the bells and whistles of a great social media tool, but one thing that sets it apart for us is the ability to work with your team. You can see from the app who created which post, who left a comment and which of your team members is managing a certain profile. Moreover, the ability to add tags to your posts within the app is useful because it lets you compare campaigns. For example, we added a tag “featurelaunchQ1” and “featurelaunchQ2” so we can compare our performance and find ways for improvement.

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