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Sprout Social 2022 Review

Sprout Social lets you understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with an all-in-one social media management platform built for connection. Voted #2 in social media management tools.


  • Plan, organize and deliver social content with cross-network scheduling.
  • Track campaign performance and respond to incoming messages quickly.
  • Evaluate outcomes with customizable reporting tools.


  • Free 30-day trial available.
  • Standard package starts from US$99 per month.

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Sprout Social Reviews

Find out what each expert had to say about Sprout Social.

Beth Ryan

Chief Marketing Officer - RyTech LLC

✓ Sprout Social
My #1 tool is Sprout Social. It has resources for researching content to post, it allow for easy scheduling and repeated scheduling, and reporting on the success of those posts. Sprout Social is an essential tool for our social media team. Scheduling posts in advance with their calendar tool allows us to plan a strategy in advance, we can post a tweet to go 3x in the same week without any extra efforts. It saves us time and keeps our clients happy. The reporting from Sprout Social is extraordinary. We can easily load in the dates we want reporting from, and get all kinds of data in return. We can see which posts were seen by the most people and which posts caused our audience to take action. When we know more about our successful posts, we can recreate that content for the future. We can learn more about our audience and serve them better. Our business couldn’t do what we do without Sprout Social.

✓ Grammarly
Also, for any marketing role you need to have Grammarly. Grammarly checks your text as you’re writing on so many platforms. Whether you are in your email, scheduling social posts, responding to a comment – Grammarly is there to make suggestions. Unlike spell check that only works in a document, Grammarly is with you throughout the internet and keeps your writing looking good. I constantly encourage all of my coworkers to install Grammarly. Grammarly catches so many mistakes that I would have sent to clients.

Mimi Banks

Founder and CEO - MB Social

✓ Planoly
Use this tool exclusively to plan the look and feel of our feed. It’s a great way to visualize content and plan for the future. Each piece of content is like a puzzle piece, so you can move things around and have a visual of what your feed will look like.

✓ Sprout Social
Main tool to schedule, track and engage on social media. It’s user friendly, enables multiple logins and pretty good reporting. It allows you to schedule multiple channels at once and schedule based on optimal times

✓ Iconosquare
It has one of the best Instagram analytics I have seen. It’s user friendly, allows you to track competitors, hashtags and even schedule posts. We can benchmark posts, easily see top performing content and stories. You can also download data to dive into the quantitative results.

✓ ContentCal
A client introduced this to us. We can plan/schedule our Facebook and Twitter content. The client approves and then it automatically schedules. Since there is not a direct API for Instagram yet, we still use Sprout for Instagram. The caveat here is that it’s mostly for scheduling and approving. It’s not a good tool for someone who has more complex planning and needs to input other events, notes, promotions, etc.

Jaye Bonser

Social Media Executive - Adzooma

✓ Sprout Social
After testing and trying a variety of different platforms over the last 18 months, Sprout Social’s easy to use platform stood out for me. Before, I was using various different tools for different channels. It was hard to manage and confusing.

Sprout gave me the ability to manage our 4 main social media platforms in one, this included posting, scheduling and reporting. It was easy to get started and you’re provided with a very helpful Sprout expert who you can chat with to ask any questions.

The tool has a wide variety of features that you can use to help manage your social media. Teams are able to collaborate on tasks or work individually on work assigned to them, you’re able to view all mentions and messages in one place and it has numerous listening features. These include seeing posts from specific keywords or hashtags you follow.

Personally, some of my favourite and most used features are that you’re able to see all scheduled posts in a clear calendar where you can make any changes instantly. I also like that sprout offers an optimal posting schedule to enable you to get the maximum reach from your posts.

For a tool that includes such a high range of features, Sprout Social is also very competitively priced which for me sealed the deal.

Samantha Edwardes

Digital Media Marketing Specialist - &co. pr

✓ Sprout Social
Sprout Social greatly assists in maintaining complete oversight over multiple social media accounts.The reports the platform provides are very comprehensive and the PDF downloads are easy to share with clients. The ability to track our hashtag analytics is my personal favorite feature, allowing us to further refine our strategy each month.

✓ Canva
Graphic design platform Canva is not only incredibly user-friendly, but includes a plethora of inspiring layouts. I use Canva multiple times a week, developing all sorts of branded content – engaging social media posts, themed Stories, and attractive, on-brand newsletters.

Sprout Social FAQ

What is Sprout Social?

Sprout Social is a social media management and optimization platform.

Is Sprout Social any good?

Our experts voted for Sprout Social as the #2 tool for social media management.

Is Sprout Social free to use?

Sprout Social offers a free 30-day trial.

What are the best features of Sprout Social?

Social media content scheduling and publishing. Tracking of social media campaigns. Responding to comments across multiple social networks.