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WeTransfer 2024 Review

WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Share large files up to 2GB for free. Voted #3 in file-sharing tools.


  • Share large files for free.
  • Simple drag-and-drop.
  • Integrations with apps like Slack, Sketch and Thunderbird.


  • Send up to 2GB files for free.
  • Pro version from US$12 per month.

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WeTransfer Reviews

Find out what each expert had to say about WeTransfer.

Ian Peterman

CEO - Peterman Design Firm
We use 3 file sharing tools, WeTransfer, Google Drive, and DropBox and we use each for different reasons.✓ WeTransferWe use WeTransfer for sending large files, internally or to clients, typically at the end of a project or when someone needs a set number of files.✓ Google DriveFor ongoing access during a project we use Google drive primarily.✓ DropboxFor those clients who don’t have/want Google Drive, we use DropBox as it is neutral to the Apple/Google lines.Internally we use Google drive for our main file system and between employees/contractors, this is partly because we run G-suite and the native integration is seamless.For clients starting businesses, we recommend the Google ecosystem, including Drive. For one-off transfers, WeTransfer is great, doesn’t require an account and file delete after about a week. Dropbox is similar in features to Google Drive, but without the documents that Google provides. We do recommend it as a Google alternative, for those who don’t want to use any Google products.

Lennart Meijer

CMO - theotherstraw

✓ WeTransfer
I highly recommend wetransfer as a tool to share file access. it is such an easy to use cloud bases software that is free. It makes it easy and accessible to share files through custom links.It also lets you know when the receiver has downloaded the files which can come in useful as well.

Ty Stewart

CEO - Simple Life Insure

✓ WeTransfer
Where possible, I will always try to use WeTransfer. It isn’t the most comprehensive, but it is accessible for everyone – and this is really important to take into consideration when you don’t know another business’ set up. A lot requires both parties to have downloaded or have an account with the sharing tool, but WeTransfer can be used by everyone, and is easy to use

Zhen Tang

Chief Operating Officer (COO) - AiLaw

✓ Box File Sharing
Box file sharing is an amazing file sharing platform, the more I have used it, the more I like it! Box is well suited for personal and business use. I feel it may be hard to the manager for large teams that all need to access the same files. External collaborators are an excellent feature for groups – allowing selective access to folders as needed. Loading files on the Box is quite fast and allows you to upload the files in just a few seconds. The free individual plane and of ease of use is enough reason for me to recommend Box.

✓ WeTranfer
WeTransfer is one of the best platforms to share big files in a short duration. WeTranser is used across our whole organization to send large invoice files, images, pitches, and contracts. WeTransfer’s free service allows to send up to 2GB of files to up to 20 email addresses. It also enables you to set a password to the download for protection as well as a download expiration/delete date.WeTransfer also allows the user to see if the document was opened by the recipient & how many times.

Alexandre Beauchet


✓ Dropbox
Without any doubt, I would recommend Dropbox as a first choice. I’ve been using it for the last 3 years either with my partner, service providers (accountant, freelancers, etc.), or side projects. So far, I haven’t experienced any issues or even a little bug. It’s both easy to set up and very easy to use.

✓ WeTransfer
When I need to send a large file, I generally use WeTransfer with the free version. It works pretty well. I love their landing page, straight to the service, no boring and useless blah blah.

✓ Google Drive
With my partner, we also use the Google Suite and, therefore, Drive. I must confess that I’m not a huge fan of Drive’s information architecture. In addition to that, downloading and uploading traditional documents (Doc, PPT, Excel, etc.) is a real bother. In a perfect world, I would love to sync Dropbox files with Drive’s ones.

Ali Ubaid

Digital Marketer - Decrum

✓ Google Drive
Google drive is the product of Google that allows all the Gmail account holders to save and share their files with others. In google drive, you can save your save you doc, sheet, and other data and easily share and link them with others

✓ WeTransfer
WeTransfer is the best tool that helps us to transfer large files all around the world digitally. This is a software that allows us to send and share our big files without any registration or fee.

✓ Dropbox
Just like Google Drive, Dropbox also help the business to simplify their work by giving centralize place to access and share the data

Kaelum Ross

Founder - What in Tech

In my experience as both a long-term IT professional and technology enthusiast, the below are the top file-sharing tools available today (in order):

✓ Microsoft Teams
Microsoft has created a fantastic offering here that I have had the pleasure of implementing in my career and seeing its wide utility.

The tool shines for file-sharing in a lot of areas. Most notably its great in-built co-authoring tools for teams who need to edit the same documents simultaneously. You also have a lot of utility to share large documents in a multitude of other ways (individual IM chats, different team groups, etc). This, tied with its other features and great UI, make this a fantastic option for file-sharing.

✓ WeTransfer
If your focus is purely on transferring files in a simplistic way, WeTransfer is the best “no thrills” choice. The value point is excellent for free users and cheap for those who require additional space. Finally, I’m very impressed with the architecture they’ve built their offering on, allowing excellent transfer speeds that surpass my experience with other platforms.

✓ Dropbox
If you’re looking for an online file-sharing tool with cloud/sync based options, Dropbox still reigns supreme. With great file compatibility, size allowance and security provisions; it covers all the essentials very well with quality infrastructure and UI.

Yes, there are smaller cloud services that are a tad cheaper for similar storage, but the convenience of having a product that is universally used (not to mention trusted, important when it comes to file transfer) is worth the additional cost.

Christopher Liew

Founder & Entrepreneur - Wealth Awesome

✓ WeTransfer
Sometimes, you have to share a file instantly without creating or signing an account, and the file will be valid for a specific time, at this time, WeTransfer is the best option. I recommended this software for simplicity, and it allows me to personalize file transfers like personalized URL and background images for emails. When sending pictures or videos through WeTransfer, the quality of images and videos are not compromised.

✓ Google Drive
I’m using Google Drive for my office projects because it automatically syncs all our team member’s data and receives the notification when someone from team members has made changes. This feature allows us to work on the same file at the same time. One of the best things about Google Drive is it’s user- friendly UI. I don’t have any security concerns with Google Drive because it uses 256-bit AES encryption with files in transit and 128-bit AES encryption.

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